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Does cannibas affect ur sodium levels if you have diabetes insipidus?

I would like to know if cannibas can help a 37yr. old with sodium levels. I was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus when i was 3, and here lately my sodium levels have dropped down to 119. My physician told me that a normal persons levels should be between 136-145. In result of this i was hospitalized and put on a sodium iv drip for 16 hours, which in turn brought my sodium levels back up to 133. since i have been having them checked every week, for the past 6weeks. While having them checked, i have been smoking cannabis for the last 3 weeks, my last blood draw for sodium levels resulted in results of 143. I dont know whether it helped that i was using cannibas or not??? Id like to get some insight on this. Whether it did help or not. Ive tried to get on the internet and cant get any facts... Any info  would be very helpful, and very much appreciated. Thank You.
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Hard to see how it would help.  Eating celery would do a lot better.
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