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Set an onset shaking

I had my first what they say was a panic attack March 24 2018.  I started shaking that day and I haven’t really stopped mostly in my hands and arms. But my face neck&head will feel like they’re shaking and I have pressure in my face. This all comes and goes but  happens every day almost all day.  Even when I’m completely relaxed it still happens  Can anyone help?!?!?
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If you're saying you're shaking but weren't thinking anxious thoughts at all then it's more likely to be something physiological.  Anxious people think anxious thoughts. they don't just have physiological symptoms.  Did anxious thinking bring on that first anxiety attack?  Did you happen to start some medication about that time?
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No new meds. I had a panic attack and went to the ER bc I was shaking and my BP was up I thought I was having a heart or stroke. That was over 2 months ago and the shaking is still there.
Have you seen your regular doc to follow up on this?  The ER just determines if you need immediate treatment for something, but they don't do follow up.  They expect you to see your regular doc, who will refer you to a specialist if he or she feels something physiological is going on and can't figure out what it is.  It is possible this is your system responding to that anxiety attack that was so traumatic for you the ER seemed to be necessary.  But it could be other things, too, even a lack of electrolytes such as magnesium or insufficient hydration.  Nobody on here is a doctor, and until you eliminate the physiological part of it you won't know for certain if it's anxiety.  Given you have anxiety attacks, though, it is very possible you're still very much affected by the experience.  Are you treating the anxiety in any way, such as by seeing a therapist?  If it is anxiety, relaxation techniques such as meditation might help.  Does it happen when you're doing something that takes your mind off of it?  That would also be an indication of an anxiety reaction.  Anxiety attacks, especially the first ones, are incredibly scary, and often we get chronic anxiety problems because we begin afterward to associate feelings we felt during that attack with getting another one.
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