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Constant lightheadedness. Anxiety or something worse?

Hello all.

Im going to try and keep this short.  One August 12, 2011, I was waiting for a bus where I always do and all of a sudden felt really hot, thirsty and weak.  My ears felt full, I lost balance and fainted.  I have never fainted before and Im not sure how long I was out for but long story short, I felt fine after the ambulance came and I did not even go to the hospital. The next day I also felt fine, until that night, where I just felt a little faint.  I started to cry out of fear because I didnt know why I felt the way I did.

Ever since then I have this constant lightheadedness, IT DOES NOT GO AWAY AT ALL :( There are better days but it still never goes away.  The first time in the ER, they found a UTI, but I had no symptoms of a UTI.  They gave me meds and I was on my way.  Second time in the ER, I had a CT scan and was told I had sinusitis.  I took meds for 10 days and still felt the lightheadedness 24/7.  I went to the general doctor who said I was fine but my heart heart sped up whenever I would stand & the ENT I saw, told me I had no fluids in my ears, no sinusitis and that everything seemed normal except I might just have anxiety.  It would make sense since this lightheaded feeling is so frustrating and scary, but why faint? why so sudden?

I would appreciate any sort of help, this is causing major depression to the point where I dont want to wake up anymore :( This sounds crazy, but I cant explain it any other way.  
I also have headaches, pressure, tingling, but nothing so bad that I cannot handle.
Thank you for reading! Good day to all!
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Perhaps your blood pressure's low ~ or it could be lots of other things. Only a qualified med. practitioner can diagnose what's causing your problem. Get checked out asp. Not wanting to wake up is serious ~ be sure to be honest &  tell your Doc/Psych about this. Anxiety can cause all kinds of distress. It affects people in different ways. Make sure that you understand the full effects of any meds that are dispensed for you. To get the benefits it's necessary to accept the unwanted, sometimes difficult to cope with side effects. Hopefully you'll be given something that will help soon. Don't expect an instant cure. These things take time to work, try to be patient. Good luck
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when you fainted and your ears felt full did it sound like you were in a can and kinda like having tunnel vision? I've fainted once and came close another time and thats all they could tell me at the er is that i have anxiety i as well feel light heaed to some extent but not all the time just every now anf then and they say that as well is anxiety i also suffer from chest and arm pain all the time for two years but have had all the workups ekg, stress test, blood work and all is fine but i'd say it could deffinatly be anxiety hpe this helps  

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