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Does Xanax suppress breathing?

I'm a bit confused on how benzodiazepines, in particularly Xanax works in regards to breathing suppression, recently I found out that benzodiazepines work in a way that suppresses breathing.

I have anxiety and I've had Xanax as a use as needed medication for a long time, I don't use it often but knowing that I have it in case of emergency makes me feel better, but now that I think that it suppresses breathing, I don't feel as comfortable about it.

Xanax is suppose to help with panic attacks, but if I take it and now I'm thinking that it's gonna effect my breathing or limit my breathing, not sure it helps. What If I take it and my anxiety gets worse because I'm thinking I can't breath, I start to hyperventilate or not breathing right because of my fear and if Xanax is already suppressing my breathing, could I be in danger?

Maybe if I understood or had a better idea of how this really works, I would feel better about it.
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The only way it would be dangerous in regards to breating suppression would be in large doses, like when it is used in an IV for medical procedures.  A small to average "as needed" dose for anxiety is not going to put you in any sort of danger whatsoever.  It's a great medication when used as a rescue medication for panic attacks.

This is why it's not good to overdo it researching a med.  You can end up scaring yourself unnecessarily.  Having a basic knowledge is sufficient.  Trust me when I say you have nothing to worry about, your breathing will not be affected.
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You're talking without knowing how it may affect some people.  I took 1/3 of a .05 mg of Xanax and I almost passed out. No matter how much I tried  I just couldn't catch my breath and to make matters worse it made my heart palpitate.  Thought I was going to die.
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Not quite the response I was looking for, I had already read that website and it in the precautions it says you should tell your doctor if you have any breathing problems, pretty much the standard stuff that made me worry that it does affect your breathing. I'm not exactly sure what kind of an answer I want, but I still hope someone else can give me more insight, the more experience the person has in the field of anxiety and xanax the better I would think.
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I have PF but my O2 was good during the day, at night it was dropping to below 82% for over 4 hours on valium. Got off 10mg before bed (sounds easy), problem solved.
I was prescribed 10mg 4x a day but only took it at night so it would be easy to get off. That didn't pan out well. I would advise anyone to never go down that road. Withdrawal can not be explained in a way anyone that never went through it could understand. People measure w/d in days and weeks when it can be measured in months and years. It changes your life forever.
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It doesn't affect your breathing and is an excellent medication for panic attacks.  Below is a website explaining exactly how it works, and I hope this gives you peace of mind to take your medication when needed.  Best wishes.

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