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House Fire.

I havnt been on in about 5 days. My wife and I had a house fire last wednesday.
My wife and 15month year old daughter and I are fine!
The fire started at midnight... it was something electrical in a utility closet.
They believe it was the water heater... the wiring.

Insurance is taking care of EVERYTHING. Which is great!
We have great family in friends in the area... so we are good!
Also, insurance is paying for us to live in a condo/rental home
that was comparable to ours... very nice.

It will take 5-6 months for our house to be re-constructed etc.
That's a bummer, but oh well.

The bottom line is that we are all fine, and no one is hurt.

Just thought I'd keep you all updated, sense I won't be having much access to a computer for about a week til' the cleaning company cleans mine.

What's funny, is my anxiety is low! I'm just having NORMAL stress. =)

I think the house fire represents something for me... it's a cleansing.. I may not have anxiety again after this... It's a new beggining.... and if so, big deal. =)

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thank god ur all ok  i do hope ur right with how u feel and the anxiety goes hope u get things sorted pretty quick take care now
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Oh Wow,

Thank God your all fine! Yay Yay Yay.... now i have to have hub check ours lol!

That would be wonderful if your anxiety "STAYS" put! Cleansing is a wonderful way to look at things.

best to you all.
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hey buddy i was wondering why i havent seen you posting. soooo sorry to hear about your lost, but its good that you have seen some possitive out of this others would of freaked out and just run in another anxiety attack
i wish you and your family all the best and i will keep you in my prayers.

god bless
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thanks guys! we will be fine! =) insurance is a great thing to have. lol. and of course friends and family!!! God Bless!!!
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Take care and all the best.

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u got my number bro hit me up if u need anything at all.
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I am new here , so you dont know me . but i very happy that you and your family is ok.
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So glad to hear that you all are okay. That is a very scary thing! Thank God for insurance.

I hope your place is repaired quickly!

Best wishes and prayers,
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Hey guys. Only have access to internet at work as of the moment... and am not supposed to be on here at work. lol.

Our house will take 5-6 months to restore... insurance is being a pain right now... finding us a place to stay... like a condo or a house... but they are taking forever! Right now we are staying at my mother in-laws... don't want to be there very much longer lol.

But... we are doing good... and we are safe and alive =) That's the important thing.

No anxiety! Just normal stress!

Thanks everyone!

Kalmkidd, I got your #. Call ya if I need to, but I'm good man. Appreciate it.

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Hi there,
Great to hear your all safe and well,
also glad your anxiety is under control
take care
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