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I dont know what is happening everything sounds like its yelling.

Usually when I am home resting or laying down I get this weird feeling like my eyes zoomed out and everything seems to be further away. Not just by a little bit but my hands look metres away and it feels like I have shrunk. Usually while this is happening everything sounds more intense usual, noises such as talking or birds sound like they are yelling but for no reason. I start to hear things that aren't there and they seem to be yelling to. This may sound weird but this happens alot and it is starting to scare me. It happens at least 2 times a week most times . This may not be anxiety but it was the only thing I could find like it.
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Have you checked your temperature when this is occuring, It sounds like a lucid fever dream, which can occur while still awake. Next time it happens check your temperature to ensure what is causing it
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