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Is this a sort of or part of anxiety? Is it something else?

Hello.. I'm not really sure how to phrase this so I'm just going to try as best I can. Every so often, I get this sensation then all of a sudden my mind will seem to move faster or rather normal speed and my body / sensation will be much slower or delayed. The sensation feels echoed, if that makes sense? I noticed the most recent time I've experienced it, my body tingles as does my cheeks and/or temple.
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Yes, this could be a symptom of anxiety.  It's hard, right?  Sorry you battle this.  How long has this been going on and when do you feel this as in what triggers it? (or does nothing trigger it?)
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Hmmm, I'm not sure about triggers.. I know it happens occasionally when I start disassociating
Sometimes keeping a journal helps to identify what happens right before it or even several hours before it that may be contributing.  Just get in the habit of jotting things down. You can mark journals private here at medhelp and keep tabs on it right here anonymously (no one can find and read, ha ha). But seriously, start tracking it.
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There are some pretty long threads on this forum over the years about people experiencing this.  I don't think anyone has figured it out.  You know you have anxiety when you chronically think fearful and anxious thoughts and have irrational fears.  You don't just have physiological symptoms, you have anxiety that if prolonged can create physiological symptoms.  
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