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Last week My new therapist who is a 31 year anxiety expert told me to stop researching anxiety  - stop reading books and get off the support forums. She said that the more you think about it the more the brain sees danger and crates anxiety

This week She said it is the Law of Attraction - the more you focus on something the larger it gets and the more power it gains
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I can agree to a point but some of us need to focus on this to try and put things into perspective.

As for your therapist, She sounds like a real moron!
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Hmmm.  Agree with edgyboy that there is some validity to your 'anxiety expert's' theories.  

What do you believe?  How do you feel?  Does connecting with others online help you or do you feel more anxious/depressed after looking at suggestions from others who have anxiety issues?

Maybe it is a matter of moderation.  I see a psychiatrist, take medication, do the work necessary to function...........and enjoy the support I've found here.

My doctor and I discussed the issue of online support and he felt it was a good thing for me.  Before I retired I could see a therapist regularly.  Now I can only afford to see the doctor every 3 or 4 months and must pay for my script.  So...he and I see MH as group therapy:).

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