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My face feels hot..

Has anyone else had this? my face gets red and feels hot..I automatically start thinking about my blood pressure and how it must be high, then I start thinking about death again.. I hate this..
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Hi there.

YES!  That is a very typical symptom.  Have you checked out the health pages here....under "anxiety"?  You will find a symptom list a mile long...and forever growing.  Panic/anxiety causes very real physical symptoms....and they vary for everyone.

Plus, you have to remember that we are OVERLY aware of every little sensation we feel.  Things that a non-anxious person would never even notice would throw us into a "what iffing" frenzy.  Try to occupy your mind with other things...and try REAL hard not to focus on physical sensations as much as you can.  It takes a little bit of work...but it can be done.

Hang in there.....the more you read about others' experiences here...and read up on anxiety (ie..the health pages)...the more you'll realize that all of what you're experiencing is very typical for anxiety disorders.  It manages to make you feel better that it is indeed "normal" for people like us.  While a lot of the sensations can be scary....they are medically harmless.

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Yeah, I get that sometimes. I hate it! I always think its my blood pressure too. My face feels really hot and gets flushed. And my ears turn sooooo red too. Well, if they say its anxiety... I guess it is. Along with every other stinkin' symptom in this hell ride of a disorder, lol.
I get it and its not anxiety...its environmental along with other symptoms
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Same here. My body gets hot when I have a anxiety/panic attack, i'm running out the door for air. I feel you on the whole death thing, it scares the hell out of me, the thought of not being here anymore creeps me out, don't like to even think about it.
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i usually get the same thing...especially when its cold outside or after i eat, and i get headaches with it also. I completely understand you when you think about death. I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. It's something that's on my mind also but i'm getting better cuz i try to distract myself with other things and know that this is all in my head and i know that my thoughts can't hurt me. Just think that all these thoughts even though they can feel pretty intense, they are just thoughts..they cant hurt you. Hope you will feel better..
does your face also get so hot that your eyes hurt because it is so annoying and painful
What other symptoms do you have and when do you notice this happening most (what are the triggers)?
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God I wish there was a cure for this anxious feeling. You all say it's anxiety as well as the doctors I've been to. But sure enough, we still feel that there is something wrong with us. I have 4 kids and 1 on the way. I really want to be there for them and their kids and so on. I was directed here through googling "my face is hot". Trying to distract myself with tv. I'm not at the point where I just want to end it. But now, I can understand what those people went through. I hate meds and have been living on .5 mg alprazolam (Xanax) as needed. I DON'T want to be dependent on this crap. Help!!
Yes I am with you .5 xanax on the regular and I hate it has to be like that for me to be ok
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am 18 years old and this been going on for a while now but i was never like this i was always outgoing frendly and loving but eveything changed and now i get really bad trips like what if my face gets red and everybody at school looks at me like why? her face red or watever pplhave ask me and i hate it /: i dnt know what to do idnt know what happen to the old me. but i guess this is who i amnow i really need help idont know how to explain it to people.  
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Not sure how much truth is to it but I read from looking up stuff that vitamin d and other vitamin deficiencies might cause constant pain and also might cause of help with causing posting anxiety attack symptoms to. Just in case might be a good idea to get a vitamin screening and see where the levels are at and if they're too low try to get then where they're supposed to be. I haven't been able to try it myself yet but when I do and it helps me out I'll put another post on here letting ppl know
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I am 55 my face gets hot and red. I start getting anxious then I check my blood pressure and usually is high my heart beats high also then I panicked even more, I take .25 alprozolam xanax. It helps but I hate needing this medicine, what else can I do. ? I have been loosing weight , walking. Trying to eat better , making healthy smoothies, at night I am better more relaxed. My blood pressure is normal heart beat normal. I listen to relaxation videos they help, I have not done this in a long time.... Could it be maneapause. Or do I just have Hugh blood pressure. Maybe I should see a dr but this freaks me out even more.... And my hands get cold.... Any advise would be awesome TIA
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i do sometimes feel like my face gets hot. i dont really know what triggers it, just happens out of the blue. it can get red but it doesnt always get red. i just wanted you to know you arent alone.
I notice that I react to things in funky ways and my face often does get hot.  Is it just your face or your body?  Whenever I'm ill, having a panicy moment, about to throw up or stressed, I do get very warm.  Do you think you have an anxiety issue at all?
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