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Whats WRONG with me

I was driving home last night and felt quiet unwell, my left eye felt very droopy and weak, my hands shaky etc then all of a shot I got an OVERWHELMING RUSH THROUGH MY BODY AND EVERYTHING WENT BLURRY WEIRD IN FRONT OF ME and I got weird flutters through my heart. I suffered from Panic attacks and Anxiety before but this was slightly different to anything I can ever remember getting before. Its after scaring the S**t out of me :(
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I too had the same thing happen while driving yesterday, it got so bad I had to call my family to come get me.  It seems that recently, my anxiety is worse when I drive.  I hope things are better for u, I am thinking about starting Mesa for anxiety.  R u on any meds or have u thought about beginning them?
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I am currently taking lexapro 20mg
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Thanks for all your comments. I have been taking Lexapro 20 mg for a number of years and the panic attacks and anxiety had supsided for a while now I am getting them back again Full Whack :( I was also prescibed xanax and that was stopped recently. It really is the worth feeling in the world. I cant bear going through all that again
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What you describe is a full blown panic attack.  If you suffer from anxiety, they can happen.  I used to get them on the road.  And they are scary when you are trying to navigate traffic or are stuck at a long light.

Meds are available both for short and long term relief, so I would talk to a psychiatrist about your experience.  

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I understand your fears I have severe panic attacks myself, It is very scary i know, you feel like your going to have a heart attack.... Have you talked to a doctor about this because they can put you on meds if your open to that idea.... to help calm you down. Hope this helps, I truley wish you the best of luck.
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