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Mystery Illness....HELP

My husband has been suffering from pain in his back, hands, feet, and legs to the past 15 months.  He has had numerous neurological work ups at different facilities that all came back normal.  He has been to the Mayo clinic three times.  He has seen a cardiologist rheumatologist, pulmonary specialist, 3 neurologists, and a doctor in infectious  disease.   His condition is progressively worsening and at this point we have no answers.  We are open to checking into any and everything so please share if you have any insight for us.

Thank you!
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Hi Lcherry.

Could be a pathogenic mycoplasma infection and/or a co-infection (borellia, bartonella, ehrlichia etc.) Mycoplasmas can evade the immune system, enter the white blood cells, cross the blood-brain barrier and affect the nervous system as well as any other system in the body!
Very difficult to detect with most tests.

Dr Garth Nicolson is a part time Expert contributor in medhelp and the world's top specialist in this field. I have read many of his studies.
Just do a search here, under his name, on the top of this page.

Best wishes.

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Hi there!

Thank you so much for your post.  We are literally grasping at straws and it seems as soon as a Dr. rules something out they are just done with him and just ship him off to another department.  I will definitely look into your suggestions and I will certainly post if we find anything out.

Thank you again!
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What specific testing has been done and do you have all of the copies of the reports? If not, get all lab reports, radiology reports and any other test reports.
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