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Funding for Cancer Drug

Hi. I have stage 4 breast cancer.  Previously had DCIS and stage 3 breast cancer.
I have pretty much exhausted all treatment options.  Chemo either stopped working (cancer progressed and fluid built up on my right lung) or side-effects (such as neuropathy) necessitated stopping drugs.
I have been offered Ibrance, in conjunction with Tamoxifen and Zoladex.  Ibrance is currently unfunded in New Zealand. Each cycle, consisting of 3 weeks of tablets and 1 week off, costs approximately $6000. Pfizer have adopted a patient Ibrance Assistance Programme meaning that after we pay for 11 cycles the rest are then free ( providing it's of clinical benefit and we have no further progression).
I need to fund $66,000 worth of treatment.
My friend has set up a givealitte page for me.  Would anyone have suggestions on how I could market this outside of my very small network of friends in my country.
I have found the process depressing, but necessary.  I would like to be able to focus my remaining time and energy on my family and my health. Would love feedback.  Thanks in advance.
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