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Diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, carpel tunnel and nerve damage to ulnar

I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, nerve damage to ulnar nerve in elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome all to the right arm since 2005.  I am in severe pain with this all the way up to my neck. I get dizzy, numbness, tingling, pain, stiff neck and now my shoulder is numb- found that out when massage therapist was attempting to release pressure. I am on oxycodone 5mg,and 10mg, and tramacet. I also take baths with epson salts every night and sleep with a special pillow.  Nothing is working for me. I am now awaiting to go for a MRI and CT-scan.  If anyone has this type of work injury or any information if these symptoms are common please let me know.
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A good physical therapist should be able to treat you.  Search the web for techniques they should be using.  You must strenghthen the back muscles first in order to treat TOS.
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I was diagnosed with TOS over 4 years ago after about a year of tests. I agree with the comment above about strengthening your back muscles the only complicated part about this is that I know that a lot of times the strengthening can cause your back/shoulder to become inflamed.

I took prescription anti-inflamatories for over a year until they messed up my stomach. I think it is really important that you find an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist that is willing to do all of the leg work on helping you find the best plan of treatment for this uncommon ailment.

I have a lot of the same symptoms that you are talking about in your question above and have found a mix of treatments that work for me including:
- Physical Therapy for strength and inflamation treatment
- Accupuncture - helps with the discomfort
- A mixture of heat & ice also can help when inflamed. I learned that it is important to try to use natural methods for inflamation after having strong permanent side affects from using anti-inflamatories.

Good luck and I hope some of this helps. I know it is very discouraging to be in such a high level of discomfort on a daily basis.
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I know this has been a long time since you posted, but I just saw your note about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  I had surgery about 12 years ago for TOS, and had the same symptoms as you.  I had to have the 1st rib removed, and muscle tissue.  I had an overgrowth of muscle that caused the blood vessels and nerves to be too constrictive and it did help to relieve the pain.  I still haven't had the carpal tunnel surgery, but my doc. wants me to have it.  I've been holding off because my TOS symptoms have now reappeared.  I don't know what's on the road ahead, will see my Doc tomorrow and hope he will refer me back to the Thoracic Surgeon, who I think could advise me what tests to have to see if it is nerve damage, scar tissue, or more muscle growth.
Hope your symptoms have abided by now.  
I am GiGi
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