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Cat Licking Belly&BackLeg fur off

I have a 10 year-old, orange, shorthair, indoor (though we could have tracked anything indoors on our shoes), female cat.

Approximately 2 months ago she started licking her back legs a lot. Over a few weeks she licked her inner back legs and lower belly completely bare. About 2 weeks ago I noticed very faint pink dots on the bare skin. They were not raised bumps. They were not there before. One week ago she has licked the pink spots so much they are much more noticable now, though still not raised even as much as acne bumps to make a comparison. This week she has licked a spot or two to rawness. She is also licking small bald areas to her front legs.

She has NO FLEAS. I do not think it is ALLERGIES as her diet/environment has not changed. I've seen her go hours and hours without licking her belly but then I'd come into my bedroom some afternoon and she's licking her belly and legs again. None of my other cats as of yet have begun to lick their fur off.
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I have a cat that has the same problem. He was trapped as a feral to be integrated into my feral colony. There was something in his eyes that told me he just needed love & I was right! It was obvious he had been in a lot of fights & had led an unhappy life. He's now leading a charmed life, which he so richly deserves!
Anyhow, he has OCD. I only pet him around his face & belly. If I pet his back in the slightest, it will trigger him to lick. I use aromatherapy to keep him calm (you can also use a tincture in her water).  Redirection also helps, using a favorite toy & then rewarding with a treat. The main thing is to get her focus off licking & be diligent in order to modify her behavior. Hope this helps! Keep me posted.
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My Yeollow Tabby is doing the same thing. NO spots though.
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I have a kitty doing the same thing.  We have moved from Phoenix to Norhtern Nevada, and he is still doing it.  Tried un scented clay litter and that wasn't it, either.  Tried switching to a grain-free food and it got worse.  I understand grain and chicken a the main things cats develops an allergy to, so my next step is to try NO CHICKEN.  Ugh.  Good luck to all of us!!
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My cat is doing the same now.. She started about month and half ago,  maybe two.  Hair on belly is gone,  now she is working on outer hind leg.  It almost seems she is hellbent to do it, even after I stop her.  She also would only allow you to pet her head and never lay on me or by me. However, about a moNth ago,  She started to occasionally lay by me. Two weeks ago,  She started to lay by my side on couch constantly.  My other two are fine,  and I haven't changed anything from my normal routine around the house. ??
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Hi Guys ,

I am just chiming in to let you know my cat has food allergies. I was told to put her on Natural Balance Duck or Venison soft food as well as their hard food for treats.

You cannot allow your cat to have anything other than these 2 things--no treats, table scrapes, tuna juice etc.
This will take at least a month to 3 months before you know if it is an allergy. You need to give it time. My cat has now developed IBD and Pancreatitis so she is on the Prescription Hills Diet Z/D. Yuck! The wet food  is like pudding, but she eats it and really likes the dry food.
I gave her some antihistamines (Zyrtec) 1/4 tab to cut down on the itching. You should not try any antihistamine until you speak to your vet for advice as to which one might work for your specific cat.
It is not easy watching these little guys scrath themselves raw--so try one of those satellite dish collars--they have soft ones now, just until the meds kick in.
I agree with ZQ in not giving steroids , that is a road you do not want to start if you can help it. Just not good for their bodies.
Good Luck and keep us posted
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My 11 yr old male cat is acting the exact same way. I have tried all kinds of remedies and so far, nothing is working.  He is almost clingy the last few days :(  
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