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Congratulate your Community Leader selmaS!

Please thank your Community Leader selmaS for her 8 years of leadership in Chiari Malformation. Hooray, Selma!
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Hi Selma.
I too wanted to thank and congratulate you for all your wonderful advice and support. I can't think of a question I have asked that you didn't answer or try to help in some way. It's true that chiari changes your life in many ways, but I think you have found your calling here helping those of us who come to this community scared and confused and you out their mind at ease and give them sound advise. You are the reason I've made it this far in my chiari/EDS journey.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you
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Selma, my dear friend, I will thank you for sure. I can honestly say that without this list my past few years would have been much different. It was you who first got me riled up enough to speak up to the doctors which eventually led to answers. Not answers i wanted to hear but as we all know even bad answers are better than not knowing.

In my case, due to some other related conditions, I can literally say you saved my life. After the first surgery the NS stood quietly at the base of my bed watching me. Then he finally spoke up and apologized for not doing the surgery earlier. Due to increased cranial pressure from the combined conditions he said that I should have been dead and he was thankful that the decision had been made to go in. CM was only one factor but without this list.... I would have never met him and the doctors around this entire area had been blowing me off for over a year.

So yes, Sis, you saved my life.
Thank You
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Thank you for being there for those who are coming into this new and for gathering all the information that we need to know about our situation.  Thank you for just being you.
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Ray you are so welcome....I miss our chats....How is AM and Marley?

Is Kevin still helping you with all your medical issues? You are so lucky to have him.

Did you see pics of the baby yet?
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Thank you Selma for all your kind support to me over the years. You are a sweet kind person,
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