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I need some help

Hello,I am a thirteen year old girl and I get sexually aroused when boys walk past me.When I look at them even if I am not attracted to them I get really aroused.Am I normal? Is this normal or is this a bad thing?
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I'm not so certain this is "normal" but every person develops at different rates. Just be careful about acting on these things. You're a little young to be getting involved with boys in this way, and I'd hate for you to get hurt. I'm sure your hormones are just raging, which is normal in the teen years, you're just starting a little early. This is not a bad thing, nothing to be ashamed about. Could also go away once your hormones level out.
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But if you feel it's starting to be overwhelming, and isn't going away after 6 months or so, I'd recommend you see your family doctor. You can talk to them without a parent in the room, and just say you think your hormones might be imbalanced. That is a real issue for a lot of people, and there are ways to fix it.
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