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Gum Disease

I have from a moderate to severe gum disease .

The problem on my part being that even with Dental insurance, I can not afford the 50% co- pay.  Ii did lose a rear upper molar a couple of weeks ago . It was very loose for a long time so I am more comfortable now  It is not visible cosmetically..  I need to resolve occasional breath issues do to the problem as well.  

I am out of work at the present time. 50% of thousands is still thousands...

Is there anything I can do / take on my own to curb this until such time as i can afford to do something about it.? I thought that perhaps a store bought electric plaque remover to go as deep as I can around the gum line might help ??

Note. Real bad Orthodontics in my teens separated by teeth from the bone. In addition   I didn't have very good dental care nor  was I real good with my own dental care as a teen. (4 on the floor in prep for the braces)  I think that this all started building up at the time I had braces about 40 years ago.  I am worried that if root planning and scaling were done now, it would loosen the gums and perhaps initiate the loss of additional teeth??

Previous X-ray shows infection in the gum toward the lower rear teeth I think.  

I was given a prescription a while ago of Periostat to aid in halting the process about 8 years ago.  The periodontist / dentist informed me that the Periostat in addition to treatment  is the ticket. He put me on Periostat till l I could get periodontal treatment done to aid in stopping bacteria of something like that?  This was years ago and I still call in for refill every once in a while and take it twice daily for about a month or so.  One dentist also prescribed an oral rinse instead of the Periostat.   Love to know what that was .  

What does one do if they don't have the money or financial ability to get a credit card to handle this ??

Can it really  be fixed?

Thank you much for your assistance!
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