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Can ravgen give you results over the phone when you state your date of birth and name because my girlfriend did that and they provided the result then they sent out a copy of result and it say confirm at birth
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If you google "does Ravgen give results over the phone",  apparently the answer is yes.   Did the copy of the result they sent have a different answer than the one she was given over the phone?
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You've asked questions about all of this a lot of times. What exactly has happened? Did you get a document from Ravgen that said you are the dad and you are still nervous? Did you call Ravgen yourself? Did you send them a copy of the document and ask if it is legitimate? Or, do you really not doubt it that much but are just nervous in general?
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Can I call and ask them or she has to call
Again, please explain what the problem is that you are trying to solve.

If you have a copy of the report from Ravgen and want to know if it is legitimate, my suggestion would not be to call them and ask things, especially if you don't explain yourself better than you are here. My suggestion would be to call them and ask if you can fax them a copy of a report to see if it is legitimately from them. (Again, IF that is what you are wondering.)

It would be more possible to give you useful suggestions if you would explain what is bothering you in this situation.
It's bothering me that someone else coulda make that same paper up because that paper from ravgen is on Google and someone can retype it and just insert my name and her name and copy exactly what I'm that paper and add my name and the date we did the test go on Google and type in ravgen DNA test result and click images
If you did in fact go to a lab, and give a swab and she gave blood, with the intention of having them sent to Ravgen, how does this theory about the report being false tie in with that? Certainly you can't think the lab was in league with her trying to deceive you, right? Once the samples were in the hands of the lab, she could not have stopped them from sending them to Ravgen.

Are you saying that in this theory, she would have received the answer from Ravgen by phone and then by mail, and you didn't open the envelope yourself but she did, and that somehow she manufactured a fake report to deceive you?

The simplest thing if you really think such a theory is true, if you have the report, contact Ravgen and explain that you have doubts about it. Ask if you can send the report to them, so they can confirm that they produced it. Maybe you would feel foolish asking for this, but you would probably not be the first concerned boyfriend to try to double-check the report.

It might even be that they would be able to confirm for you over the phone what the report said. If your name is on the report along with hers, and you know details from the report, you might just be able to ask them on the phone.

Please remember that the dates of her cheating (if I recall, the dates were at least two weeks too early) are way too early to be the date of conception (which again if my memory is correct, was around May 30). Try to calm down. Contact Ravgen if you need to, but at that point, please take the test results and dates as an answer. There is nothing wrong with also doing a DNA test when the baby is born, because you will need one anyway in the baby's records for legal reasons. But please stop being so paranoid. Sure, do what you have to to find out, but then calm down.
The hospital does the dna at birth ? Because ravgen paper says confirm at birth the results
A DNA test can easily be done at the hospital when the mom and baby are still there. It's a simple matter of a mouth swab for you, the mom, and the baby. Talk to the doctor about ordering it.
Sounds good
Hey I called ravgen the other day and they asked me the mother name and I provided it and then my name date and birth and so forth they confirmed I was the father I'm reading all these people saying ravgen is false but ravgen told me it's a match
Well,  good.  Sounds like you have your answer.

Best wishes.
When they say in the bottom of the report confirm at birth when the child is born do I just ask the doctors for a DNA test before i sign the birth certificate are they going to do the confirmation at the hospital
Ask the doctor what the procedure is. It is not automatic with every baby born, you have to order it.  But it can easily be done there.
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Brooklynguy, if you think the mother has created a false document,  you might just call Ravgen.  I can't learn online whether that information is privileged to the mom, but it wouldn't hurt to call and ask - at least that way  you could clear your head of the questions as to whether she forged a document.
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Agree and thank you so much but they wouldn't mind me calling I'm say she gave me this document
When the answer was giving on the phone I heard it I was the dad it came back my name as the father and then the document was sent out and I picked up the mail so she didn't no the mail came in had had it for couple days and she said if it came yet but now when I tell her it says confirm at birth she's asking me why I wanna do that that's the part I didn't say also it makes me think
If I owned Ravgen, and was doing delicate searches in a mother's bloodstream for the DNA of a baby, I would only give out answers I was certain of, because of the possibility of a lawsuit. AND, I would talk to my corporate lawyer, and the corporate lawyer would say, "In a lot of states, a prenatal DNA test is not admissible in court to show paternity. To be safe, suggest to people that they also do a test once the baby is born." The lawyer is just being cautious, like all lawyers.

If you already know the dates do not add up to the wrong guy being the dad (and we talked and talked and talked to try to get you to understand this), and if you have zero reason to think your girlfriend tampered with the test (and since you heard the phone call, and were the first person to receive the mailed results, it sounds like you have no reason to think it), please lighten up. Do the test when the baby comes because it will be the legally correct thing to do. Then forget all of this and focus on being a good dad.
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I'm not sure whether you have a right to the information,  under possible HIPAA laws,  but you won't be hurting anything by just putting in the call.
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I believe if his name is on the test, he has as much right to the information as the mother does. (The only person who would have more right to it is the baby.) It would surprise me if a DNA lab would not treat both parents as the patients.
I don't know,  Annie.  I believe that's not true in a doctor's office.  The dad doesn't have a right to access the health records/sonogram findings without specific approval from the mom.  
Except that this is a lab test done on the dad and the mom so the baby's DNA could be identified. If the lab thinks the baby is the client, they should by rights not tell anything to either parent, which makes no sense of course. If they think the two adults they tested are the client, he should have just as much right to hear the results as she does. Only if they for some reason think just the mom is the client will they give him any pushback, or (I guess) if they don't believe he is who he says he is. If he calls them, I hope he writes back to tell us what happened.

The dumb part of it is that if the dates of the sex are as he reported them originally, there is no chance anyone is the father except him. So all of this fussing over lab reports is not worth the trauma. But evidently he is really nervous.
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