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Disability and depression

A year and a half ago I was working. Then i had an operation. I haven't worked since. I can't sit, stand or walk for any length of time. Pain leaves me in tears most of the time. On top of everything else I now have HBP, HC, Diverticulosis and urge incontinence. Can't get disability for lack of obvious proof of disability. Can't get AND for same reason. Can't get Medicade or anything else. And I can't get a job.
From the indigent clinic I was hauled off by ambulance the other day. They feared I was suicidal. After 4 hours of humiliation I was released on the grounds that I promised not to suicide. I am no closer to digging my way out of this hole than I was beofer the humiliation. I am deeply depressed with no source of help available to someone without a single dime. I called all the mental health #'s the hospital gave me and they all wanted some kind of money.
No income
No monetary assistance
Need major dental work/can't chew/jaw pain
Constant pelvic/thigh/leg pain
Forced to quit smoking/no med aide available - I know this is not something to feel sorry about but with all the walls crumbling around me it was just one more blow.

Please talk to me
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527589 tn?1301678178
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527589 tn?1301678178
Thanks for responding. I REALLY appreciate it.
I've applied for everything and been denied over and over. Have an app with hosp now for emer medicaid and a lawyer workin on ssi or ssdi or whatever. nothing happens.  Something's got to give soon or I'm gonna fall into the black pit of despair and not be able to climb out again.
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You could apply for Medicaid. If you go to the hospital they could give you emergency Medicaid which will transition into straight Medicaid. Also you could be eligible for SSI. You could find out more at your local independent living center:
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