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Should I see a therapist about this?

I feel like I have lost myself somewhere in the past 2 years, I constantly feel down and disappointed, my confidence levels are down, there is always a lump in my throat and I resent people for the smallest of things that they do or say to me, sometimes I feel like im gonna go crazy.
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I have to agree with Paxiled to an extent that when we have a new baby, our lives change because we are the ones who have to care for this helpless person.  It's not uncommon for the mother to take on the bulk of the care for the baby and help support the father as he goes on with studies, working to advance in his job, start a business, etc.  

That doesn't mean you have to completely give up your hopes and dreams, though.  If you haven't talked to the baby's father, you'll need to do that and make sure he understands that you have goals in life, too.  If both parents work together, they can raise a child and still, each reach their own personal goals.  He'll need to know what your expectations of him are, if he doesn't already.

I am in agreement that therapy would be a good thing.  Good luck.
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Do you have any hobbies? Also, unfortunately, this mood is extremely common around this time of year. Though, I would be remiss for neglecting to mention that mine is more confined to the Fall/Winter-transition period. I’ve heard it referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (though, please don’t take that as a diagnosis).
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Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that.  That must make your days really hard. Yes, I think a therapist would be a good idea.  Because then you can have an outlet to share what is going on and dig deeper.   Does it stem from changeable things in your life?  Does it stem from depression so it doesn't matter the circumstances of your life?  These are questions to explore,  Most people have days or even periods in which they don't feel good about things but two years is a long time.  I'm here to chat if you need it!  
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I also want to say that one of the biggest things to feel better is to feel heard and understood and that you are not alone.  And I hear you and understand you.  You are not alone.  

If there is any other details you want to give like what is going on in your life circumstance, please share.
In 2017 I had a baby, after a few months things were a bit difficult as I was not working yet and had to rely on the baby daddy, he is a very supportive person but our relationship took a lot of strain because of many factors so we both lost touch of who we were, I personally felt like he changed the things I appreciated about him like keeping promises and sticking to his word, I started resenting him and have never felt the same way about him again, I started being sad and down all the time and not enjoying anything I did because of the way things had turned out in my life and in my relationship, even when i started working after the baby things didn't improve they just got worse because of the job....I am really struggling to connect with the girl I am right now, i recently got a new job and its fine really but i don't really like it....what triggered this sadness now is that the other day i realized that in the 5 years that i have been with this guy hes been supportive and loving etc even though there were rough patches but he actually doesn't know any of my dreams and aspirations although i know each one of his and am supporting him through it all, when i thought about it i realized that i also don't know what my aspirations or dreams are anymore, i remember i used to be ambitious but now in the past 2 years i got consumed by trying to raise a baby, support its father and do the things that i need to that i forgot about myself, i cant remember what i wanted for myself and he never bothered to find out throughout the years...so now im back to resenting him again and im angry at myself for forgetting to love myself.
Mom will be better at this than I will, but that's what happens at least a little to every new parent.  It's worse for moms, because us guys try but we often fail to do our half.  There also might be some post-partum depression in there, but more likely, it sounds like what happens when people become parents.  Everything has to change, as your most important job for the first years is now to take care of a helpless person and everything else has to fight for time.  And if your husband doesn't know your dreams and aspirations and you know his, have you told him?  I think therapy is a great idea, but it won't change the fact your life has profoundly changed.  It's a cliche to say, but when you face new hurdles you have to set new goals and learn to love the new.  When we can't or don't do that, we have a problem, and if we let that problem fester it can turn into chronic down thinking.  So yes therapist and also yes rethink your life because it's not going to go back to what it was, which is neither good nor bad, it just is.
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