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Why I feel uncomforable and weak?

1. My ECG, Echo, ETT test are ok. Lipid profile is normal.
2. I hv lost 12 kgs in lost 4 months by 3.5 km daily walk and diet plan. My bp is normal. I feel following symptoms:
1. Weak. depressed, and lifeless.
2. Uncomfortable and lightjeaded.
3. I feel no pain in any part of my body.
4. All Symptoms are reduced / feel better while I start walking.
5. I hv chronic stress because of my autistic and only son.
Please suggest some way out.
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You don't actually give that much information as to what's going on -- for example, having an autistic son is certainly a challenge but all children are a challenge and most people with autistic children aren't depressed about it.  If you're suffering from depression, are you seeking any treatment for that problem?  Did something new arise that might have brought this on?  And I'd also ask, are these physiological symptoms new to you after starting your new diet plan?  It might very well be deficient in the nutrients you need.  The only diets that are safe for long-term use and effective long-term aren't "diets," they are permanent changes in how you eat and what you eat.  If they don't include what you need, you'll wear down.  So that's one possibility.  But without knowing what's been going on long-term and what you've done about it, it's hard to do anything but offer hope it gets better.
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