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I need help determining possible fungi on the left side of my testicles

I have these white flakey things on the left side of my testicles. I noticed these when my testicles itched, and when I scratched them for a few seconds the itch didn't really go away. That was when I decided to look if something is wrong and that was when I saw that there were a couple of spots on my testicles that was white. I instantly thought it was fungi so when I looked online it is said that sometimes alcohol can remove fungi that cannot be removed with normal soap. And so I grabbed Isopropyl Alcohol and poured a great amount on my testicles where the white flakey objects were and instantly I felt pain. My testicles and penis felt like they were burning. After this, I took a look at my testicles and they were gone. But the spots where the white flakey substances were in are now noticeable. They looked like how a wound when a scab was recently removed would look, pink-ish and it looked wet but when touched it there is no liquid at all. I took a bath and rubbed my testicles gently, as I was washing I noticed a white thing clinging to the edge of the spots where the white flakes were and removed it. After bathing and drying myself I once again looked at the left side of my testicles. The white stuff was gone, but there are spots that are very much noticable. They are pink-ish, smooth and it looks wet but there no liquid whatsoever. The spots are not that big, they are very small. I am very worried about it because this was not really the first time is saw white flakey substances on the left side of my testicles.
I ignored them in the past because I thought that it was something that bathing can solve.

More details about me that can maybe help.
I am 18 years old
I am a virgin
I have 2 dogs
My nails are clean and short.
I live in the Philippines
The soap I used is called "Bioderm"
The alcohol I used is Isopropyl Alcohol
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No, we do NOT all have parasites.  This notion is perpetuated by quack doctors who are generally quite happy to sell you products and supplements.  

Colon cleanses and enemas can do great harm to your intestinal tract.  As for the parasite "cleanse," it is not much more than an herbal laxative, and would not remove parasites if, indeed, a person were to have parasites.  If you wish to use these products on yourself that is, of course, your choice, but they aren't recommended and won't cure anything.  Eating a better diet is a really great move, though.  We should all strive to do better at that.

To the OP - never put alcohol on your testicles.  As you noticed, it burns like fire when applied to thin or broken skin.   As Paxiled mentioned, it won't cure anything either.  It is quite possible that you have a fungal infection, and there are many over-the-counter creams to effectively treat those.  There are basically two types - one that is intended for jock itch, and one that is intended for athlete's foot.  They have different active ingredients, and one of the two usually eliminates any minor skin fungal infection.  You could start with the jock itch cream, and if that doesn't help in a few days, try the athlete's foot cream.  Neither cream will hurt you.  

If at-home treatment doesn't provide relief, a visit to the doctor is in order.
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Well, yeah, we do all have parasites, but or most of us our immune systems prevent them from finding a permanent home and so they just move on through and don't infect us.  As said above, what exactly do you think you are cleansing by using an enema?  I don't think it's a terrible idea to clean out the colon once in awhile by fasting, but forcing it just gets rid of your nutrients before you have a chance to absorb them.  It's great to improve your diet, that's good for everything.  There are parasite cleanses that are not colon cleansers that can work for some things, they been used for thousands of years, but not for skin fungus.  There are lots of different forms of medicine out there, pharmaceutical products aren't the only game in town, but again, if you don't know what it is you're dealing with you can't treat it with any form of medicine.
We all have parasites . When way  they   become overpopulated they can become a problem.
You have to eat a lot of vegetables or supplements. Maintaining proper PH is it good idea. An acidic ph level favors fungus .
You cannot substantially change your body's Ph.  Anything you ingest goes into your stomach, where the acids in your stomach normalize/neutralize the Ph before it passes on to any other organs.  

The idea that we could change the Ph of anything in our bodies by eating certain foods is laughable, given that the process of homeostatis always rules.
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I think using rubbing alcohol on that isn't going to help you any and probably irritated and dried out the skin.  When you have a problem and don't know what it is, you can't really treat it, right?  You either need to know what it is because you had it before or you need to see a doctor and get a diagnosis.  With a diagnosis, there might be several very different treatment options, but you can't know which ones unless you know what you're dealing with.  If this is ringworm, or jock itch, which is common, the treatment might be medicinal or natural but it wouldn't be rubbing alcohol.  See someone who can diagnose this kind of thing before you start treating it.
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Listen...we all have parasites, we just don’t know it yet. Parasites that can produce a biofilm encasing parts of your body. I had/have this on my scalp and face but am getting rid of it using a parasite cleanse called Paracleanse and then I just ordered mimosa prudica seeds (not sure I spelled that correctly). I’m also going to do a colon cleanse and enema after all of this and I am no longer eating processed foods, means as I have a hunch that’s the culprit. This stuff can also make you depressed, agitated, trance like. These parasites are like damn demons.
Oh, and to add another freaky layer to it...you can’t see the biofilm, it’s waxy, and white with a faint faint greenish tint to it but it looks like skin...it feels off but you will go a whole year thinking it’s skin until you realize it’s biofilm.
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