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Eat too many for breakfast

This morning, I kept eating. Totally, I took in 1500kcal which supposed to be my daily intake. I weigh 134lbs. and is 168cm tall. I am on diet for 4 days and I lost control today. At breakfast, I ate 4 toast, 2 fried eggs. While I was surfing the Internet, I ate 10 pieces of chocolate cookies and some French fries.
How can I control my eating at breakfast? 3
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The 2 fried eggs weren't so bad, depending on what they were fried in (hopefully, a healthy fat, like olive oil?).  2 slices of toast should be sufficient, but depending on what kind of bread you're using, even that might be too much.  

If you're mindlessly eating the chocolate cookies from the bag while you surf the internet, it's easy to overdo.  Much better to put a "serving" of cookies on a plate and eat only that many.  However, chocolate cookies should be reserved for those times when you really want a treat, not eaten as  meal.  The same goes for the french fries.  

Specifically, if you can't control your eating when you have those things around, you should just avoid having them in the house.  Replace them with cut up veggies that are easy to grab and you can eat pretty much as much as you want without getting very many calories as long as you don't use dips or sauces.  Fruit also makes a good snack, but limit it to 1-2 servings/day as fruit has a lot of sugar.

Some of us have "triggers" that cause us to overeat.  If you normally, overeat while surfing the internet, try to not spend so much time surfing, or find some other behavior besides eating.  Some tend to overeat while watching TV, etc.  

If you're surfing the internet and get the urge to eat, get up and do something else, like sweep the floor, do some laundry, go for a walk; anything to take your mind off eating.

The most important things are to avoid those things you tend to overeat and be sure to check the package for serving size and stay within that recommendation.
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Great ideas Barb.  I drink water when I think I'm hungry too.  Also I start with less. In your case for example I'd prepare 1 egg. Maybe 1/2 slice toast.
Then wait an hour to make certain I was still hungry.  If so, then I can eat bowl of oatmeal.  
  Foods like French fries & cookies aren't even good when you aren't on a serious quest to lose weight.  Reserve for a holiday treat.   Pamela
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Drinking water is a good idea.  I've read that when one is craving different things, their body actually "needs" something else.  There were several different things in the article I read, but the one that stuck in my mind was that if one is craving salty foods, their body is often dehydrated.  That stuck with me, because when I crave, it's salty foods I crave.  I tend to forget to drink enough water.

Good idea about the 1 egg and 1/2 slice of toast, then wait an hour to see if you're still hungry.
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These steps are effective, common sense, and simple ways to add raw and high fiber foods to your diet. The result will make you feel fuller faster and you get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Eat plenty of high-fiber foods as they aid digestion and move fatty and heavy foods out of your system. Eat something raw fruits and vegetables at every meal, this will help you lower your cholesterol.
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Eat slowly, chew it alot and never , I mean never ever !!!!eat anything in front of tv , pc.
or if you really must, just take the amount you think you should have.
Thats what I learned from myself, hope it helps :)
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