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Staying committed to exercise and diet before results

This is probably a pretty common problem.  You get a plan together. You start to implement the plan. Try to change the foods you eat and portions. Begin an exercise plan.  And while you've read that the work begins on the inside before you see it on the outside, it can feel slow.  We have to stay encouraged before we really see changes in appearance or size. I think that can be tough. So easy to ditch the effort in the beginning.  What strategies do you use to stay on top of a plan of action to redo your body and weight?
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Personally, I focus on small goals and surround myself with a supportive community for encouragement. Keeping a positive mindset and understanding that progress takes time helps me stay committed to the plan.

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You know what else doesn't help? When your teenager brings home the large size Dean's French Onion Dip (in all caps) and a few bags of kettle chips. And they decide they don't like it.  That's like putting crack in front of an addict.
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Oh yeah - I'd say that's being derailed by family stuff.  lol   First, I think I'd encourage the teenager to buy smaller containers of French Onion Dip (personally, we prefer "Helluva Good" brand) and only one bag of kettle chips at a time (especially if they aren't familiar with them)... LOL    Second - I might eat a bit of the onion dip (to see if I like it), but most likely, I'd end up tossing the chips, since I'm not into Kettle chips.    Now, if it was Lay's or Old Dutch lightly salted chips, all bets would be off and I'd be like the addict staring at crack..  

On the other hand -maybe eating a few chips/day just to avoid wasting them would be okay?  Eh, they'll be stale by the time you do that, so maybe more than a few?  Oh heck, just eat the whole bag to get rid of them (that's what I'd do) and tell the kid not buy anymore unless he's going to eat them.   LOL  

Of course, after eating the whole bag(s), I'm going to feel guilty as heck for putting away that many calories and will strive to do better until said teenager (husband) brings home the next bundle of junk food...

I try to make light of the situation, because what I've described is about what I'd do in that situation.  Husband does similar sometimes and we all know we're not supposed to waste food.   If I like what he's brought home (and decided he doesn't like it), I'm likely to eat it in order to avoid throwing it out, even though I know I shouldn't be eating that {bag of chips, pack of cinnamon rolls...}
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I usually get derailed by family stuff.  My husband doesn't like "healthy" food, like fruits/veggies, so I tend not to cook a lot of them.  

For exercise, I find that sneaking in just a few minutes of stretches, doing a little extra house or yard work, etc keeps me moving.  I've considered joining a gym, since I can get it free through my insurance supplement, but I figure there's no point.  If I don't use the treadmill in my spare bedroom, it's unlikely I'm going to make use of a gym membership.  

Because much of my weight issues are health related (thyroid, insulin resistance, etc) I find myself having a hard time staying motivated to keep up with a specific plan.
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The health issues definitely add to the challenges, don't they?  I'm now post menopausal. Uphill battle to lose pounds. I like crummy food. But have found if I have easy to eat fruit, I'll eat that for sweets. By easy to eat, I mean that I don't have to do much.  I can slice a kiwi and eat it with a spoon. Fast and easy.  I have a melon to cut and eat. Not easy.  Hoping I get to it before it gets soft. ha.

I do like gym work outs. They have fitness classes. And I can get into the music and environment except I feel like a dinosaur. A tired, stiff dinosaur.

I'm trying to make notes of what I'm doing. And if I have things I add to the day, maybe I'll keep it going before I can actually see the results. I keep telling myself that my inner organs are getting skinny first. :))
Yes, the health issues can derail things in a heartbeat.  I did fine with menopause - it's the thyroid junk that keeps me on the uphill battle.  Of course, it doesn't help that I, too, like crummy food, though I try not to eat so much of it, now that I can't eat whatever I want without gaining weight.  

I try keep "easy" fruits on hand, along with plenty of celery (my favorite raw veggie and some days I do really well; others, not so good.  

I've been told that keeping a diary - food, exercise, emotional/mental status, etc is really important because it shows us what patterns we get into, so we can figure out how to reverse them.   I did keep one for quite a while, but I lack discipline to continue indefinitely, when I don't see results.  

I like that - inner organs getting skinny first.   lol
So, what do you like about celery?  I like celery to eat but have always thought it was like cucumbers in that it is hugely water content. What nutrients are you after with celery?  I have seen this recipe that is juicing celery and adding limes or lemons and various spices and it is for something specific but can't remember.  Inflammation?

I was eating frozen bananas for a treat.  Not sure if that is good for me. lol I do watch my potassium due to my BP medication.

I *think* I'm seeing a tiny bit of change in my girth around the middle. That's heartening.  

And ya, I did actually read that the first thing that happens is the fat on our internal organs begins to dissipate.  lol  Skinny from the inside out.  
It seems like one thing (and maybe not the primary thing) about celery is the roughage or fiber. I like it a lot, not just raw sticks but I use it (chopped) in almost all my soups, stews and chili. The little bits of cooked celery hold a lot of heat and kind of pop when you bite them.
SM - you're right that celery is mostly water, though it does have nutrients as well.  It's my "go to" because I like the taste (unless I get a bitter one) and the crunch, so it's easy to eat.  Dip the stalks in peanut butter and you've added healthy fat to the snack so it sticks with you longer.   I also like cucumbers and eat them often, but they aren't as "easy" as grabbing a few sticks of celery.

Frozen banana are really good in shakes.  I used to keep a couple of frozen bananas in the freezer all the time but I've kind of gotten away from the shakes.  I take a potassium sparing blood pressure med, but still eat foods that contain potassium.  Make sure you get copies of your blood test results and if your potassium levels are in range, you're doing okay with the potassium.  

It's awesome if you're seeing some change in your girth.  Keep doing what you're doing and see if it keeps going in the right direction.

AnnieBrooke - I agree that celery has a lot of fiber; of course, so do cucumbers.  Like you, I really like celery and also put it in soups and stews.  Even when cooked, they retain a bit of "crunch".    
Here's from another website: "Celery contains almost 95% water with a welcome dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is a good source of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folate, potassium and calcium. It also contains a minimal amount of protein, fat and just 1.4g of carbohydrates. Celery is rich in useful antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids." So I guess you get more than just water. :-)
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To stay on top of an action plan around weight, I am able to manage my eating, but think I will always have to do an exercise class, or just won't exercise in a consistent way. I haven't found any personal training that stuck, so am looking into Pilates.
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Have you ever tried putting on the sneaks and an ear bud and doing an audio book?  That's been helpful to me in the  past.  I like group fitness but it's been hard to get to. That used to be 'my thing'. I went 4 times a week. But now it's hard to get back to the place where I can comfortably do it.  I do not like Zumba which still seems to be all the rage. I try to stay on top of eating but lots of temptation.  And it just seems like it takes so long to see ANYTHING.  When I know if I stay with it, it might actually happen I lose a few pounds. Sigh.
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