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Has anyone tried the paleo diet?

I started the paleo diet yesterday.  I need to lose weight. Has anyone tried this??
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My daughter has done the paleo diet and she said it was good.
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This is going to really get Gymdandee going, which is fun, but there's no such thing as the Paleo diet.  It's made up by people trying to make money.  I don't know if there are any long-term studies that would give some idea how well it works for health and long-term weight loss, but nobody in the world eats like that naturally and nobody ever did.  Certainly no "paleo" people.  And "paleo" diets aren't all the same.  It's basically just another high protein diet.  Generally, these diets can work pretty well in the short term but haven't shown to be that great long-term and are not considered healthy, at least so far, long-term, but good studies are lacking.  The only high protein diet that did get a significant amount of research was Atkins, but it didn't do well in those studies.  The reason it was researched more was the creator of it wasn't really originally about weight loss per se but trying to find a way to reduce cardiovascular disease, which he failed to do.  Daily diets that have proved out over time in long-term studies aren't high protein, so there you go.  Truly, the only way you'll know if it's right for you short-term is to try it, as different people are suited to different foods, but long-term you are experimenting on yourself.  The only people historically we know much about who ate high protein diets are people who lived in places where that was the only way to survive, such as in far northern climates, but they did not live long lives.
Of course, 50 years from now we'll have some good research on high protein diets probably, but since they differ so much one from another it won't apply to any one diet.  One thing to worry about is the lack of complex carbs, which provide long lasting energy, the over-consumption of animal protein, and the lack of veggies.  
Pax. 50 years from now we won't know about the research! My daughter started the diet about 2-3 years ago lost the weight and now just doesn't eat simple carbs, sugar and the rest of the junk. She eats plenty of veggies fish fowl and beef i think 1 time per week
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I am on day 3 of the paleo diet:) I am having an easy time.  I use to eat a lot of sugar and processed foods so I already feel better in this short amount of time.  I appreciate all the feed back.  I love to hear stories of success so thank you for that.  I am giving this a try as suggested and I will post my progress.
Try also doing exercises


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Day six and hungry. Not having an easy time at all.
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I am doing okay on the paleo diet:) It has not been easy but I am determined to give it a go. Just getting through the first week I feel proud of myself:)
Didn't stay on paleo diet.  It doesn't keep me satisfied.  Feel I need rice at a meal.  
If you're eating rice I suggest brown rice at least!
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Did not try, but it was interesting to read.
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Hi Kelcoo, I'm not on this diet but I have friends who did it and it brought really good results, though it can be challenging.

Good luck !!!!
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