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Sunday Weigh-In April 7, 2019

Good morning.  How is everyone this morning?  It's still dark but the forecast shows clear skies and says we're headed for a high of 88° today - that's getting almost too hot, too early, although some who are still getting freezing temps might appreciate it.

I haven't had a lot going on this past week - Wednesday, I went for an ultrasound on the last ablation on my left leg.  They say it's looking good and it seems that my symptoms have all, mostly been alleviated, so it seems that after all the hassle with scheduling, those have been a success.  

I started getting a sore throat on Thursday, and thinking that it was just because of a dry throat, I began drinking lots of water. That helped, but not enough.  By Friday, I a full-blown sore throat which is still holding on.  Yesterday, my sinuses began acting up - runny, stuffy nose and sneezing up a storm.  Last night, I began coughing, but it was a real dry, hacking cough that was quite painful.   I realized that if I drank something warm, my throat didn't hurt so badly, so I drank lots of warm lemonade, sweetened with raw honey (which has antibiotic properties).  When I went to bed last night I took a dose of Ny-Quil, which allowed me to sleep for, at least, part of the night.  

I don't have aches/pains, etc so I'm pretty sure I just have a spring cold and not the flu.  

This morning, I feel like death warmed over, but that could be "hangover" from the Ny-quil as much as from my cold.  I'd like to say I get to spend the day in bed, but that's not to be, as it doesn't fit into my husband's plans... :-)

Weight-wise, I'm down 1 pound.  I'm not sure to what I should attribute that.  I haven't really been eating a lot different, although the last couple of days, I probably haven't been eating as much as usual due to my sore throat.  I haven't been eating as many sandwiches as I'd been eating for a while so that's less bread and I always lose more weight when I eat less bread.  Anyway, whatever it is, I'll it; I just wish I was sure, so I could keep it up and continue to go in the right direction.

So - that's my story - what's yours?  How have you done?  I hope you've had a good week and have reached some of your goals.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I think I'm exactly at the same weight as last week. (I need to rummage around to find the notes I took last week to confirm -- can't remember for sure. lol)  Since our discussion about what makes people lose or not lose, I have been putting fewer "musts" on myself about eating, and as a result (of not prohibiting particular foods) find that I'm not doing any between-meal eating. Also, having goat brie and crackers in the house, I can make that and call it lunch, which (because it's rich) fills me up with less.

We're getting pretty serious about the sugars, though. My son's the right age to begin breaking out, and he came up with a red lesion (didn't look like a pimple, but it's the right size) right in the center of his forehead. He has beautiful skin, and I hated to see it. So I threw away every sweet thing we had in the house for lunch desserts at school, and told him that he can't have dessert again until it goes away, and that he has to go 12 hours between dinner and breakfast with no food to give his metabolism a rest from digestion and high blood sugars. As a result, he's been working on his face with Stri-Dex pads and Neosporin, and I've been sneaking fewer sweet things that were originally bought for his lunches! (A win/win.)

We found a house this last week that might do for us. It's pretty boring, but only 3 years old (i.e., new), and is the right size for our family. Then right at the last minute we saw a 1961 architect-designed fixer with a spectacular view of Mt. Hood -- talk about having to do some fast thinking and immediate values clarification! I would have taken the fixer in a heartbeat. But it's more expensive, and the idea of yet another fixer made my husband nervous, and my son said he liked the main floor but the daylight basement gave him bad vibes. Gotta acknowledge that three of us, not just adventurous me, have to live there. (And my husband holds the ace, since he is entirely impossible to live with if he is grumpy.) It's too bad, I love doing stuff like that house, and think once fixed, it would return more on our investment than El Blando at the housing development. (In fact, I doubt the bland house will sell again in 6 years for what we buy it for now, because new developments are going up all around it -- it won't be the shiny new kid on the block by then. - Sigh - ) But I have to admit that there is something to be said for not buying a house in such dire shape that we immediately have to  replace the wiring, plumbing and heat system, which I've done for our last two houses. For all I know the 1961 wonder is also full of termites, as its age and wooded location suggest.  Having to surprise my husband with *that* news would make life not worth living for a while. lol
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There's something to be said for maintaining weight and taking the stress off trying to lose.  Your son is at the right age to start with the breakouts - I think that has as much to do with hormones as it does what he eats, but limiting sweets never hurt anyone anyway.  :-)

I get what you mean about the 1961 fixer; that's the kind of thing I'd go for, too, but my husband would be the one stuck with a lot of the work, even though I can hang wallboard, put down flooring, etc right along with him.  He's the plumber/electrician and HVAC guy, so he'd really be stuck...  Anyway, does that mean you're going to take the bland house and start preparing to move over the summer?  You know, a lot of things can be done to spiff up a house to really make it a home...  I've no doubt you could do wonders with it.
My husband wouldn't be stuck with the work, just the bill. Our last house was a huge fixer, and he went for it and loves it now, but the lack of guarantee of what will be found inside the walls bugs him more than it once did. He begins to say things like "I want to be sure I have money for retirement," and at that point I know it's time to look at a different house. El Blando has the problem that a lot of the downstairs space is carved up, and it might take moving a wall or two to make the house live like our family lives. I don't want unused rooms because they are too inconvenient. Our present house works so well for us that it's kind of hard to beat, and we certainly wouldn't try if it weren't in the wrong school boundary area.

I have read that acne is caused by stress and hormones, but letting the blood sugar drop to naught once a day is supposed to be really good for you in terms of reducing inflammation. That can only help. Augie's dots look like sores, not pimples, but it's coming. lol
Interesting result, someone else put in a bid for the house (for El Blando, that is, not House Interesting). Seller wants us to bid because she is not satisfied with the offer she has received, but I am really nervous about the interior layout needing a lot of work. So I think we are going to give it a pass.
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