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Sunday Weigh in April 12, 2020

Good morning... I'm a little late this morning, but hope everyone is having a good day.  It's a beautiful day here and we even have a slight chance for some badly needed rain.  

With the "stay at home" order we're under, there isn't much going on, but I seem to be staying busy.  I've done a lot of cleaning, along with sorting things in closets/cabinets/drawers and getting stuff ready to be donated to the thrift store when it opens again.  

I started doing calligraphy last fall and I've turned our spare bedroom into a work room.  I also have my treadmill in that room, but right now, it's kind of serving as a blanket rack... lol   I worked in that room yesterday so I could enough things moved out so I can open up the treadmill and use it since my walking partner left on Friday.   I still have some work to do do before I can get it opened up, but should be able to do it tomorrow.  

We had to go to the grocery store on Friday and I was actually able to get some things to make a salad from this time.  Sure is good after not being able to find much for vegetables.   I'm trying to back to a better type of eating - not so many pizzas and sandwiches, so we'll see how that works out this week.  

I haven't weighed yet this morning and may not do it at all today as my feet have been very swollen for the past few days - when I got on the scale a couple days ago, it said I was up by 5 lbs over last week and I know I haven't gained that much fat.  Anyway, once I get the swelling down, I'll weigh and post it.  

So how are you all doing?  I hope the stay at home order isn't causing too much inconvenience for everyone and I hope the isolation isn't getting to you.  I hope you've been able to stick with whatever eating/exercise plan you've chosen and look forward to hearing from you.

~~Wishing everyone a great week~~
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Husband and son convinced me to come to the farm, after my relaxing but not very productive time staying alone, so now I'm at a place where I can't trust the scale. I have to go back to the new house to get my son's algebra book sometime today, and though it won't be first thing in the morning, might weigh myself. :) Prefer to do it first thing because that's in line with all the other times I've weighed, so if it's heavy I might weigh in tomorrow! (Easter snacks aren't helping. We did an egg and candy hunt, and I've eaten at least 30 Jordan almonds.)

We've been balancing being bored, feeling off track, and inventing small things to do (yesterday's exciting event was driving to our local store where we had posted an order online, and getting the groceries loaded into the car). In a way, it's like solitary confinement, except that we can get out to take walks and work in the yard. Still a disorienting time that defies any past experiences we've ever had.

If I'm going to stay at the farm for a while (and I guess so, since the rest of my family is there and they aren't sure why I'm hiding out at the other house), I need to take the time today to go pack up some clothes and toiletries, and our recalcitrant cat. She has been LOVING being the only cat at the house, since the half-grown kittens and both dogs went to the farm. The only reason she didn't go there too is that she is the world's worst car rider. In the first three minutes of the trip, she vomits, poops and pees, and screams all the way there. My husband and son refused to take her, so it's up to me. I used her as an excuse to have my restful time at the other house, but since it's clear this lockdown isn't going to be over as soon as they initially thought, I can't hide behind her any more. She rides in a big-dog sized carrier with a catbox, but she still stinks up the car and is so unpleasant that it's a chore worth avoiding. Of course, once at the farm, she is very happy since she can be outside as much as she likes. (Though there is a lot of coyote activity at night. Due to her unpleasantness, my husband wouldn't be too sorry if she disappeared.) At least this gives me my chore for the day.

Hope everyone is managing, and Easter is great for everyone!


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