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What is your favorite 1 or 2 pt Snack?

Everybody loves a new idea when it comes to snack food low in points.  One of my favorites is the Hostess 100 cal cupcakes - 3 cakes for 1 pt.  I know there is nothing healthy about them, but boy they can make me smile.  What makes you smile?
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For junk food snacks, I like the new Pringles Honey Butter sticks.  They are 2 points per pack, and you get quite a few in the pack.  Unfortunately, I can't control myself and will eat the entire box, so I can't be left alone with them.  I also adore the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, but again--I have the same issue.  

I do Core, so when I snack, its usually on Core foods, and I don't have to count points for them.
Plus Core foods don't lend themselves easily to bingeing.
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Dill pickles!  Slightly salty, crunchy...yum!
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I just started weight watchers (again!) after 10 weeks on Jenny Craig...I am into the mini carmel rice cakes - 7 equal 1 pt!!! Sweet!
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Skinny cow fudgesicles 50 cal each & delicious!
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I'm on Skinny Cow probation.  I binge on them.  
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OMG....I love, love, love the 100 calorie packs from Honey Maid called Delight Bars in chocolate.  They are two points and perfect for satisfying that after dinner sweets craving.  But I have to watch that I won't get into trouble with these as I am now on Core.  BTW, Core rocks!!
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Yay!  A Corebie!
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