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What should I do if I have hip pain while doing the butterfly stretch?

I am experiencing some pain in my right hip during the butterfly stretch..I think it is my hip flexor muscle. I've been reading about labral tears etc, and it sort of feels pulled and a little strained (and sometimes a little warm) when I do that stretch. It doesn't hurt when I walk, run, walk up stairs, do other stretches, etc, but I'm concerned it could get worse if I continue exercising on it. Any advice on stretches or exercises? I am on my first full week OFF of exercise, and before then, I had been working out (sprints, HIIT, jogging, strength training, pilates, with bands and dumbbells) about 5-6 days per week. I would love some insight and advice; thanks everyone.
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Well, don't do that stretch, for starters, at least for now.  It's impossible to say really what's going on.  I have really bad hips, and frankly, that's a stretch recommended for the hips, but it does hurt my hips as well.  If it were a muscle tweak, I would think it would loosen up as you hold the stretch.  But if it doesn't hurt at any other time, it's probably not something as significant as a labrum tear.  I think I have that, as well as bursitis, or one or the other.  The only way you could get advice on what to do about it would be to get it diagnosed, which would mean x-rays which indicate if you have the hip abnormality that usually means labrum tears, and an MRI.  Bursitis won't show up on anything, the doctor diagnoses it by palpation and hopes it's the right diagnosis.  Treatment depends on severity, etc.  But you have no pain at any other time, if I'm reading you right, and doctors can be as big a problem when it comes to orthopedics as the injury.  So if it were me, I'd just not do that stretch for a time, and if nothing else hurts, it's probably not significant.  If it starts to hurt in time you'll know you have a bigger problem.  Mine hurts all the time -- I don't really have to do anything -- and it actually hurts least when I'm doing something.  But I pay for it later.  But I'm old and have a lifetime of heavy exercise behind me.  I will say this, the younger you are the more the chance you can actually get a labrum tear fixed.  Much harder when you're over 40.  You don't say how old you are.  In sum, if you stop for a couple weeks that exercise and start again and it's fine, forget about it.  If things start to hurt on a regular basis, time to see someone about it.  Peace.  
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