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Cool weather Fitness Options

Let's hear them!  What do you do if it is chilly outside or if it is raining or whatever prevents you from doing those walks or outdoor activities or from 'driving' in bad weather somewhere? I'm looking for ideas. I know this isn't a new topic but I'm older now. I have shifted how I think about physical fitness. Do you have home exercise equipment and what? Do you do various work outs from youtube or (I'm old) dvd's? And what. Do you life weights and what is your routine with it? Do you go to a gym and what do you do there? I definitely FEEL so much better when I exercise. Less tired, less sore. Once I get past starting that is . . .
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Well, okay. I'll start. Ha. I had a good thing going for a bit and then life hit. So, I backed to the start and remember that ANY physical activity is an improvement over none.

I have these large index cards and I took the time to create some at home work outs. IE: March for 1 minute. Run in place for 1 minute. 12 deep squats. Etc. I have some for 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Helps me follow a work out.

I have put on ear buds and jogged the circle in my house. Sounds weird but I have a circle that goes through all the rooms of my downstairs. I try to do that when no one is around so they don't think I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs. But it's a substitute for going outside.

I have 5 pound weights and try to use them for upper body at least 2 or 3 times a week.

This December . . . I'm going to 'try' to attend a work out class at the Y.

Now, someone else tell me your winter strategies. :>)) (so I can copy)
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The worst issues I have with weather is rain and heat.  Although it may get too hot to get out and walk, it rarely gets too cold.   I just got rid of my treadmill because I never (rarely) used it and it was taking needed space.   I have weights and stretch bands, but don't have a set routine for them, though I need to figure one out.   When I'm feeling particularly energetic (not often), I like to do yoga or the Leslie Sansone videos.  I have DVDs (I'm older than you... lol), but you can find both on YouTube, as well.   Leslie Sansone has a beginner walk that equates to ~ a mile walk that's kind of fun.  I do that every once in a while.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECxnTuzZ614   This is an older one, but she has some new ones, as well, plus some that are much longer and more strenuous.    If I haven't exercised in a while, I'll choose this one because it's slower paced and lower impact.  

Of course, there are a ton of yoga videos (both on DVD and YouTube).  Yoga is excellent for stretching and strengthening muscles, especially, the core.  It's also good for maintaining balance, which is something we really need to work on as we get older.  Considering the fact that I've fallen and broken bones 3 times in as many years, I'm testimony to that.   Fortunately, balance wasn't the reason I fell, but I do know my balance is far from what it should be.

I don't go to a gym.  I could get free membership with my insurance, but it seems that there's always something to prevent the drive to the gym, so why sign up if I know I won't use it?    I might be more likely if I had friends/neighbors I could go with, but I don't.  

If I were to join a gym, I'd want one with a pool, so I could join water aerobics and other low impact activities.
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Thanks, Barb!  I remember Leslie Sansone!  I've done her walking work outs in the past, maybe YOU actually told me about it. Great idea . . . I did it on youtube. I'm not young, I have plenty of dvd's!  But our dvd player went kaput. My kids tell me I can play them in their x box though. But for Leslie, I'll look her up on youtube. I have old work out videos but they are WAY too intense!  But I have some kick boxing ones that I liked (used to be one of my things to do).

I got a cheap step off Amazon too. I'm an 90's step girl!  Also was my major jam years ago. But hard to motivate for that by myself at home I'm finding.

Yoga is something I have NEVER done. Not sure why. I have heard all sorts of good things about it. Do you have anyone that you recommend that I can look up? My doctor mentioned pelvic floor yoga to me but that wasn't so much for fitness if you know what I mean.

Interesting about your treadmill. I've been looking and desiring one for about two years but just didn't pull the trigger. Guess it might not be the answer to all my problems. Sigh.

Yes, in your neck of the woods, you don't have our issues here. We don't get super cold like other places but it still is cold enough I don't feel like doing it outdoors a lot of the time. The precipitation is also always an issue whether snow, sleet or rain in winter.

Anyway, thanks for the info
I was never really "into" the step thing, but climbing stairs is good for you.  The only stairs we have is coming into our house from the carport or the porch.  Each set of steps has 10 steps.  I've been known to make a few trips up/down those just to "move" when I can't go outside.   If you have an upstairs and/or basement in your house, you have the stair climbing covered.  A few trips up/down and a few minutes with the weights and you'd have a pretty good workout under your belt.  You could do the stairs while cleaning, doing laundry, etc so you've be doing work and exercise at the same time.   The laundry basket could double as your "weights".   If you put in earbuds and do it all to music, it's more fun.   My stair-stepping is usually combined with watering plants in the porch - several trips up/down with water jug!!  :-)  We can't forget that cleaning (pushing the broom, mop, vacuum), dusting, doing laundry - is all "exercise". so make sure it's all taken into account.   During the summer, my mowing days are my major workouts.

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