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Sunday Weigh in - January 2, 2022

Good morning and Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope you had a happy, safe New Years and are ready to start another year.  We didn't go any place for New Year's Eve, which is "normal" for us.  We're usually in bed before 10:00 pm and this year was no different.  Some neighbors had some really pretty fireworks that we were able to watch from our bedroom and/or living room windows, so that was nice.  

I took the Christmas tree down on Friday and started the year off yesterday, working in my shop.  I've been promising myself that once we got through Christmas, I'd make myself a pen and pencil.  So I got those done and they both turned out really well.  I'll turn my attention to other things now.   I do have several birthday cards to make before the end of the month and even a Christmas gift left to buy.

I haven't made any New Year's resolutions, but I am really making an effort to eat better and less.  In some ways, it's almost easier that so many things cause acid reflux/GERD because I just know I'm going to have issues if I eat certain things.  I did mention that homemade whipped cream would have to come off my list to eat; however, last night, we had strawberries with heavy cream on them and that didn't bother me at all.  It appears that there are variations of things that might work, so I'll have to experiment a little bit.  

I cleaned out the refrigerator yesterday, so there are no more traces of Christmas left-overs so there's no temptation from them any longer.  Our daughter gave my husband a large box of chocolate for Christmas.  Apparently, his taste buds have "changed" again, and he was in a "no chocolate" mode, so guess who gets the chocolate bars??  The person who doesn't tolerate them well... lol    Anyway, I've found that if I eat 1/2 a bar instead of a whole one, I'm probably okay if I do it early enough in the day.   I can almost certainly get by with 1/4 of a bar unless it's right at bedtime, so I guess, I'll get through them - maybe by July!! :-)   Actually, husband has been eating 1/2 - 3/4 of each one, so he's not completely out of chocolate mode.  Anyway, I'm not a big chocolate eater, so having a couple squares certainly quells the craving when it does hit.  

So now, I'm back to having my weight jump all over the place... 2 weeks ago, I was down by a couple of pounds, earlier in this week, I was up by 4 lbs; today I'm back down by 3,  so I guess that's a gain of about a pound.  I know most of the fluctuation is fluid, so I'm not real concerned - I just wish it didn't bounce around so much.  I tried to do a few simple exercises yesterday and my legs, immediately, began to cramp up.  I guess I'll have to start super slow and try to get my muscles more used to being exercised before I get into a lot of activity or I'll end up being sore, which will cause even less exercise.  

So - how was your New Year's?  Did you make any resolutions?  If so, were they weight related?  I'm interested to know how others fared over the holiday weeks.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week and entire New Year~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I began my low carb healthy eating way of life on January 1, 2022.  My starting weight is 234.  I weighed this morning and I weigh 231.8.  Woo Hoo small victories.  I’m really excited to be a part of this community.  One thing I need to implement is walking.  It’s been raining hard and it hasn’t been appealing to me.  

I’m a sugar fiend and I haven’t missed it since I’ve started eating healthy.  I’m making everything simple. Starting out.  I found a delicious salad dressing and I browned up chicken breasts and made a salad. last night.  Very good and super healthy.

Slow and simple just like me lol.
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Other things that help in the sugar-cravings department are getting fiber (I've taken "Benefiber" in my morning yogurt and even in juice -- you don't taste it), and purposely eating healthy fats like olive oil, and drinking a lot of water, and getting enough sleep. Congrats on your over 2 lb. weight loss! I lose only in the fractions of a pound most weeks.
Hi Kelcoo - it’s good to see you back.   Congratulations on your recent weight loss.  You’re right - small victories are what we need, but you’ve done really well.  Do make sure you don’t lose weight too fast or it might be hard to sustain.  

I’m with you on the walking issue and I can’t even use rain for an excuse right now.   It’s a simple lack of motivation to put my shoes on and walk out the door - not that I mind walking out the door - simply hate putting my sneakers on… I know - it’s weird.  I go barefoot almost all the time, except when I have to go somewhere; then I’m likely to wear sandals.  Slipping into something like that is not good for walking for exercise!!  

Have you ever looked into Leslie Sansone walking exercises?  She has multiple videos (some you can find on YouTube) that center on walking.  I don’t have the link on this computer, but I’ll find and post it for you.  It’s really kind of fun to do her routines.
Oh - forgot to mention that protein also helps quell the cravings.
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Happy new year! I hope this year brings lots of happiness and blessing for your and your loved ones. Thanks also for sharing your story. Personally, I started this new year with my kids and we have morning yoga routine since I gave kids yoga mat to them. We really have fun and can't imagine that we feel it through yoga together.
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Anything that you can do with your kids and all enjoy, especially if it is exercise, is a plus in my book. Happy new year to you too!
Hello Foryinath… welcome to the forum and Happy New Year.

Kudos to you for doing yoga with your kids.  Like Annie said, anything you do with your kids is a plus and yoga is a very good type of exercise.  I used to do about 30 minutes/day of yoga.  I stopped for personal reasons, but I know I need to get back to it.  I felt so much better and did lose weight, even though it’s not a really “strenuous” type of exercise.  

Please keep us informed on your progress.  
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We moved back to the little house today, so tomorrow I should be able to weigh. The cast is off my arm, so it will tell me how I've done since December 10, when it was put on in the ER!

I think for me, New Year's resolutions have to be about organizing and cleaning out, as well as a few for getting our new house ready to move in to. I feel like my life is scattered all over the county. It's going to take work, but I'll be so happy when our move is done and our old house is sold. On that subject, the next-door neighbors just sold their house for $25,000 more than they were asking, so I guess this is the time to sell! I never thought we would *lose* money on our house, but it does appear we're going to realize more profit than I had imagined.

We had a nice family Zoom call with my mom, sisters and some of their kids, and various pets, on New Year's Day. It was low key and almost like having a pleasant talk in the living room with everyone. A lot of times, group Zoom calls are fraught because everyone feels like they have say only clever things. We just shot the bull, and it was fun. A lot easier than driving somewhere in the car and masking up and staying outside and all, and Omicron has me concerned, so I thought it was just fine. It's not that I think we'd die, but it just moves so fast and easily through populations (including those that have had all their shots). I don't want us to get it and don't want us to get "long Covid" either.

Have a great week!

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I turn out to be down a pound and a half (1.6 on my scale) since breaking my arm. Since that was over the holidays, it could certainly have been a lot worse. :-)
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