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Dog on diazepam (valium) and cluster seizures is this normal?

Hi my recently 9 year old  Border Terrier had his first seizures 2 days ago. He was completely fine before hand and then on the night of the 3rd he had 4 seizures about an hour apart from each. I took him to the vet first thing in the morning and he put him on diazepam 10mg twice a day, and a 5 mg dose of a digestion aid, (I think for him to not experience too much stomach upset on the meds). Anyway he is having extreme clumsiness, appetite and thirst on the meds and I'm worried they might be too high a dose? Also the vet is seeing him again on friday, it said he would only take his bloods etc if he had another seizure?! I'm really worried about my dog and any similar experience/advice would be very helpful. Thanks!

(He is slightly overweight and has been neutered if that makes any difference)
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Thanks! He is off the meds now but the vet seems to be unwilling to do any test to find out what is the cause so we are seeking a second opinion!
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Your collie's seizure maybe caused by various factors. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for seizures yet :( but can be managed with proper medication. I hope your furry baby gets better soon. Please keep me updated.
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