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Dog weak hinder legs


We adopted a dog  three months ago from rescue. He had Ehrlichia and was on antibiotics for few weeks and recovered. The dog also had weak hinder legs and xray showed spinal infection. He was on antibiotics for 2 months
more but it seems there is no complete recovery, the dogs back legs are still weak and after extreme exercise
he start walking wobbly, as if he does not have complete control over his read and back legs and often drags one
of his feet.

The vet said to avoid extreme exercises for two months and that it may take few months until the dog would make full recovery. I am still worried there is some nerve damage from trauma the vet didn't diagnose. The vet said that if the dog can walk so even if it's trauma, rest should be the way to deal with it.

What can it be? why the dog has weak hinder legs, and should in insist on MRI or CT?

(P.S the dog has good hips , it's not HD)

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What breed of dog and how old????? Sounds like disk disease or a herniated disk of the spine.....You can google IVDD (Intervertabral Disk Disease) and read up on it........Karla
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It's a young(1 and a bit) years old pitbull.
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I now the pain and cost of rescue adoption, so I ask is there any evidence of physical abuse, do you have any history on the dog?  Some rescue dogs are just given over to rescue because the owner can not afford (time/money) to keep them.  Other dogs are rescued from an abusive/neglect and sometimes physical damage.

I ask that given what you have provided.  A young strong dog like a pitbull should be very resilient.

Hope misfits4me jumps back in, I am reading more out of sympathy than knowledge.
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Well, there is a chance he was abused, but at least in XRAY no damage was shown.
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