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My 11 y.o. miniature pinscher is lethargic, not eating, and is dehydrated.

I posted this on just answer last night and still no expert reply.

She was diagnosed with degenerative nerve disease earlier this year. About 1 month ago she went in for dental work. I had picked her up earlier today and when I went to put her down, she slipped out of my grasp and hit the floor, rolling on to her back. The distance was less than a foot. It was odd that I had to pick her up since it was close to dinner time and the other 2 dogs were going nuts. I thought that the fall had perhaps hurt her but the dr didn't seem to think so.

She was ok earlier in the day, and symptoms mainly lethargy appeared quickly and she is extremely listless. She threw up a little mid-afternoon - an orange liquid , but she had raw pumpkin yesterday around 6 pm. So did other 2 dogs and they are ok.

We were out in the garden for awhile and she always eats some grass/weeds. She will also eat things in the yard if I don't catch her fast enough. She had no interest in food at all, which is a first since I think she's half dog/half pig. She stood at her dinner bowl, shaking, and looking at me with her ears and nub down. I even put a little food on my finger and she turned her head.

I took her to the vet. After the physical exam, he said she had discomfort in her stomach region and she was dehydrated. He took an xray which showed gas in the intestines and I think irritation (inflammation?) in the stomach. He gave her sub Q fluids and a shot of cerenia. He advised waiting a bit, and giving her a bland diet of chicken and rice, along with chicken stock (I make my own with no salt).

She was perky and alert on the way home. She drank some broth, then went back a couple of times for water tonight. I gave her a couple of bites of chicken. She has no interest in the broth now. She walked over to the water bowl but didn't want to bend down to drink so I had to put a bowl higher. When she got up to walk over there, she was panting a little and had a saliva bubble on her nose/mouth. She stopped panting when she came back to the couch, but her breathing was labored. Her breathing is somwehat loud and she is making some noises (pain?). She showed no interest in going outside with the other dogs.

This morning:

I left the dogs out, and she lifted her head happily when I walked in.   But she quickly went back to her low energy state and didn't even get up.  I've started crying again this morning.

Any thoughts?
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Wow, glad you got a diagnosis and too bad that wasn't caught on the first visit but at least she got IV.  Thus can be life threatening and is painful.
Sounds like appropriate treatment us being done and the pancreas is being time to recover.
My daughter's Chi has chronic pancreatitis, 3 or 4 bad episodes now, stays at the Vet's office and continued meds and sub-Q fluids at home.  She has done well but us now on a "strict" canned food  diet only!,  my daughter found a couple of acceptable treats she can feed her but that is about it.
I lost a young Sheltie, one of my show dogs, to acute pancreatitis that came on suddenly.  :-(
Fingers  crossed your little one responds to treatment and you will be able to manage this.
Please update and goid luck.
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I sure hope you can figure out what is wrong with her soon. I guess if she was acting normal up until the day she fell, then I would have to think that her behavior has something to do with that, and possibly she did hurt herself when she landed on the floor.  Or...maybe her degenerative nerve disease has progressed...?  Sounds like she needs to go back to the vet for a second look, and be re-evaluated.

Because of her age, and some of the symptoms you describe, I would suggest that you have bloodwork done on her, to rule out any possible kidney or liver issues.

Has she been getting any dog treats...? If so, what kind...?  

Please check back to this site often, as other members may reply.
I hope things go well for you and your dog.

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I agree with Connie and am surprised your Vet didn't do blood work ESP because of her age,  the fact she is eating grass may certainly be an indication there is a stomach or intestinal upset.
If she has gas in the abdomen, it is a good idea to raise the food and water bowls as they will usually take in less air when eating and drinking.  

If there is a known nerve issue, the fall "may" have aggravated something.
I would continue to feed her the bland diet and make sure she drinks.  If she does not seem better, I would ask the Vet to do the blood work and you might want to take in a fresh stool sample to be checked.
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I was pretty upset at the vet's, so I didn't even think to ask about a blood test.  In hindsight it is surprising!

She ate some baked chicken yesterday and she drank some water on her own.  But she's been in her bed all day and not getting up at all.

This morning, I gave her some water, but she turned away from chicken.  I gave her 1/2 a rimadyl with a bit of peanut butter about an hour ago.  If she's in pain I figured it might help.

The Just Ask vet said that she might have neck pain or hurt her back with the fall.  Due to her nerve issues, she falls/tumbles a lot anyway - with the other 2 dogs it just gets crazy, and she is an enthusiastic dog.  

She went outside for awhile yesterday, but pretty much stood in one spot.  If she doesn't resume eating the chicken today, I may take her back either this evening or tomorrow morning.
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I'm sorry to hear that your dog is not doing any better. If you can't get her in to see the vet until tomorrow, be sure to try and encourage her to drink. You do not want her to become any more dehydrated than she may already be.
If she does happen to have any kidney problems, being dehydrated, will only put more stress on the kidneys.
Now, if she is feeling and acting more normal tomorrow, I would still suggest taking her in for some bloodwork.  Dogs with kidney disease can act normal one day, and sick the next.  
She is a senior dog, so the bloodwork would not be a waste of time or money.
If you do take her in to see the vet, be sure to tell them how much Rimadyl you gave her... as, I am not sure if it will affect the lab values or not.
Best wishes, and thanks for the update.
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It turned out to be acute pancreatitis.  Her liver markers were high (ALP was 993 - too high to be accurately measured).  A 2nd blood test was run with acute pancreatitis coming back positive.  This may be the cause of the liver failing, so getting the pancreas under control may allow the liver to be ok.

She was admitted for 1-3 days with fluids, antibiotics and pain meds.  We're taking it 1 day at a time.
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What a relief to pinpoint the cause. I hope your little gal makes a full and speedy recovery. She is lucky to have someone who cares so much about her. I wish all pets could be blessed with such a caring owner.
Thank you for the updates...Well wishes are sent your way...Hugs for you both.
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Any updates??
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