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Puppy rectal prolapses

Hi everyone,

We have a 4.5 month old French Bulldog who has had 2 rectal prolapses within 4 weeks.

Over the 2012 holidays, our little Rocky started having soft stool which then turned into diarrhea. We took our puppy to the vet to have him checked out but it was too late and he prolapsed later that night. He then had a purse string in for 2 weeks and as much as we tried to have his stools at the right consistency, it was a process of trial and error but with stool softeners and wet gastro puppy vet food, we got it right after 1.5 weeks. That said, there was some straining while he had his purse string in and we were concerned that might've been contributing to another prolapse in the future.

The vets assured us that the purse string wasn't too tight and we have x-rays done to make sure it isn't an internal issue.

Sure enough, 2 weeks later he prolapsed again. We had been monitoring his stool closely and we had it down to a science somewhere between pebbles and soft stools. We literally cheered every time he had a good poop! This second prolapse came without much warning, the mucus covered diarrhea started about 4 hours before the prolapse.

Our vet thinks this could all be caused by a food allergy but we're not 100% sure. Our little guy's had his second purse string in for almost 4 weeks now as we decided to keep in until we figure out his diet/food allergy.

This weekend he was straining so much that it looked like he had prolapsed but inside the skin. It receded after his bowel movement but he has a really really hard time passing his stool, sometimes it took up to 10 minutes :(

The other issue is that he's now started peeing in the house after being house trained. It's almost as though he can't hold it in. We've had him tested for crystals, bladder infection or UTI just last week so we've ruled that out.

I'm writing all this here because we're extremely confused and the vets we've seen can't seem to help shed light on the cause of these issues. The last 7-8 weeks have been extremely worrisome and we feel as if there's no solution or end in sight.

We love our little Rocky to pieces and we can't stand to see him suffer :(

If anyone could share any info or similar experiences it would be so extremely helpful.

Thank you :)
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What was the whole outcome of the prolapse. I have a frenchie with the same issue.
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My puppy has the same issue, I add mineral oil to his food about 1 teaspoon each meal so his poop is the same consistency. It is really soft but some what solid so he doesn't have to strain as much I also feed him the real food from Walmart that comes in a fridge. Also this food give him extra fluids.
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Hi Karla!

So sorry for the delayed response, I just saw your reply.

We're feeding him Purina HA right now.

He's been on different foods, first he was on the Merrick's pork & sweet potato until his first prolapse, then he was on the Royal Canin gastro puppy food until about 3-4 weeks ago when our vet suggested Rocky might have allergies.

We then did a major analysis of every single thing Rocky has ingested since we got him (food, treats) to figure out which food he might not have had before and what might've caused the prolapse. Lamb was one of them but we couldn't find a lamb puppy food so we slowly transitioned him on to the Natural Balance limited ingredient lamb & brown rice. We quickly figured out that, since it's not a puppy food we have to double the portion and... obviously more food means more pooping. We needed to avoid that so our vet recommended the Purina HA.

We're now wondering if it's making him constipated since he's had issues going the last few days. Last night, it took him about half an hour to finally go. It really looked as though he had prolapsed but inside the skin within the purse string. He was straining a lot I feel as though if we took out the purse string now, he would cough and likely prolapse :(

Good to know about the house training :)

Thank you so much for all your input, it's immensely appreciated!
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Thanks for coming back with an update .....Do you mind me asking what food your feeding? The reason: No hypoallergenic food should contain soy, so now I'm curious.....Has he eaten this product his whole 4 months?
Also, statistically,  a puppy cannot be reliably potty trained until 6 months of age, so I don't think I'd worry about this just yet.....Sometimes it takes a complete year!  .....Karla

        Why You Should Avoid Pet Foods Containing Soy Products
                    Article Copied from Mercola Healthy Pets
    Soybeans and soybean-related products can be found in an increasing number of commercially available pet food formulas, dry, semi-moist and wet, including many beautifully advertised, big selling brands, as well as veterinary formulas and prescription diets.

    Soy is a plant protein used by pet food companies to boost protein content and add bulk. Because plant proteins are less expensive than meat proteins, pet food manufacturers use them to increase profit margins.

    The ingredient label might not even say soy, as it is commonly listed as vegetable broth, textured vegetable protein or TVP, and perhaps other aliases.

    The majority of experts on pet nutrition agree soy isn't good nutrition for cats or dogs. It is considered a low-quality, incomplete protein well known to create food ALLERGIES in pets including diarrhea.....
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Hi Karla,

Thanks so much for your post!

Rocky's had 3 stool analysis done and they all came back negative, though we did give him multiple anti-parasitic meds. I'm not 100% sure these included giardia  & coccidia. I'll look into that.

We've been giving him pumpkin over the last 4 weeks along with some restoralax to soften his stool. Yesterday we also started putting water in his food hours before feeding him to make sure it gets absorbed in his hypoallergenic soy food before we feed him. We're not convinced he drinks enough water so this is our way of making sure...

Stress is definitely a possibility since both times he prolapsed, he was exposed to other dogs beforehand. Also, he was at home with my boyfriend for the first 2 months and Rocky started peeing on the carpet around the time that he returned to work. We're just confused that he's peeing indoors when we're in the house with him.

I'm hoping we can get his diet under control and the straining stops so we can get our little guy back to normal :)  He's been a real trooper through all this, he's been his normal happy self when he has every right to be crabby. He's such an outstanding puppy!

Thanks again Karla, will keep you posted for sure!
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Welcome to the forum....I assume ALL Parasites including Giardia & Coccidia have been ruled out?

Whether your trying to harden the stool or soften the stool, can be done with adding Pure Canned Pumpkin to his meals twice a day...He would need 1/2 - 1 teas. each meal.....It's used for both diarrhea & constipation...

Mucus covered stools indicate irritation in the GI tract, most specifically the intestines. Colitis or IBS are definite possibilities. Again, can be from parasites, food not agreeing with him or just plain stress.....I suspect the new urinating problem is also stress...He is  picking up on your concerns & with you monitoring his every bathroom habits, is adding to it...I understand you need to check his poop, but let him go out & do his business, come back in, and then you go out to check it...Do not make a big deal out of it (Around him)......He will eventually start reading this all wrong.....

Yes, this could be a food intolerance, but not a food allergy...He's not old enough to have a food allergy, yet.....If parasites have been ruled out, then I would have to lean towards his food, also......If he is only eating kibble type food without any moisture, then that may be your problem......It may be irritating his digestive tract...You may want to add some yogurt to his diet for probiotics & good bacteria...It will help heal his gut.....The best would be organic & plain.....Can be put on his food or by it'self as a snack.....

Once you get his digestive problems addressed & he's pooping irritation back to normal, then I believe the prolapse will heal it's self....I would start with addressing his diet.......

I'm hoping others will come by with some ideas for you.......Please, keep us updated.......I would be interested in hearing about him  ;)    Karla

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