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dachshund has back bump

I adopted a 7year old dachshund and aside from hypothyroidism the vets at the ASPCA said he was fine. He has a big bump on his lower back, just above his groin and only along his spine. He's a very athletic little guy and it doesn't seem to bother him. I just want to know what is it? I've got a vet appointment next week to know for sure but I'd like some suggestions son maybe I won't be totally thrown by the answer.
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Welcome..I'm having a hard time visualizing this...Do you have any photos????? Thanks, Karla
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OK, there's a photo on my profile. You can see the shadow of the lump just above my finger. He doesn't worry about it much unless you palpate it a lot. It doesn't go into his belly, just mostly around his spine. We have his paperwork  from vet info since we he got into the shelter and none of it mentions a back injury, and he's had it since we first adopted him.
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I'm going with a simple "Fat Deposit" that is nothing to be alarmed about, but again ALL lumps & bumps need to be evaluated by a Vet...Good luck & please come back to let us know what you find out.....Karla
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Thanks Karla! And you were right :) just a little chubby puppy thing. He's the first non-border collie I've had and I've been lucky that my past pups were all fit as fiddles. Thanks for your help!
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Great News!!!!  Thank you for the update...Appreciate it!! Karla
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