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natural flea and tick remedies

Good Morning All-  I am looking for natural flea and tick remedies.  After a lot of research, I am afraid of the treatments I have been getting from our vet through the years.  They work, but my fear is the toxins that come with them.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions for natural remedies that really work.   Thanks and have a great day.  Aggieone
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I want to find out what kind of oils such as Lavender and other oils for Flea and Tick problems for my 2 Albino Dobermans my email is ***@****  or [email protected],net  and my phone number is 941-377-2462

Thanks so much
Deborah L White
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I've had good luck with a product called All-In-One Flea Remedy.  The main ingredient is Diatomaceous Earth. Also added are Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Fennel, and Yellowdock. I have treated severe infestations down to just a few fleas with this product. It works by dehydrating the insect. You just sprinkle it on. Hope this gives you another idea......
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Several years ago a gentlemen told me about giving his dog Brewers yeast and garlic to keep  away the fleas .   He said you need to start giving the your dog the supplement about a month before the flea season starts.  
So I took his word for it and found me a bottle of Four Paws, Brewers Yeast with garlic from Pets Smart. Yep,  it worked!  Unless we didn't get any fleas that season!.  So I have her back on it again this year before the flea season comes in.  You can also order  Brewers Yeast with garlic off the internet.  It has vitamins , minerals and amino acids that helps build the blood.   From what I understand , fleas like to feed off of a weakened immune system.  This formula also helps prevent shedding and conditions the skin.
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I have used "Brewer's Yeast" mixed in with the dogs' food.  For some reason, fleas can't tolerate it.  Don't know if it effects ticks though.

Interesting topic.  I hope you get some good suggestions - I might just "borrow" them for my own dogs who take Sentinel for fleas, etc. Natural is better, I agree.


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I have heard that Skin So Soft lotion (not oil) from avon works.  If you buy the lotion, and mix a small portion of it with water, and then spray it on your dogs fur, it is supposed to repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos.  It's better than the oil because it doesn't make your pets coat oily.  I haven't personally tried this, but I know a few people who swear by it.  Not an all natural product, but safe according to the vet used by the people I know.  
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