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ruptured abdominal wall

My four year old chihuahua was shaken like a rag doll today by a german shepherd. I took her to the vet hospital and they said she has a torn abdominal wall, causing her intestines to pertrude. Her blood work is ok, but they are still waiting to operate, and she has been there for seven hours now. They want tell me what her chances are. There doesn't seem to be internal bleeding. They have her on fluids and morphine. Does anyone know what the chances may be with this type of injury. She is going to put her intestines back in and sew her up. Someone please help. She is like my child, and I would do whatever I can for her.
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What a terrible thing to happen!  How is she doing?
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I am so sorry to have missed your post before.
I sincerely hope your little dog has pulled through ok. Please do let us know how she is doing if you can.

It sounds to me that she is getting the very best care right now for such a severe injury.
No-one can give you any definites at this moment. It would be unfair to make promises to you. It's in the hands of the medical care she is receiving, and in the hands of God.
There are two things in her favour. One, she is young. Two, her bloodwork is good, so that means she has a better chance with this surgery.

All the very best to you and your little dog. I hope she comes through fine.
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