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Unpleasant feeling behind eyes, due to sinusitis?

Over a week, I have had unpleasant feeling behind my eyes. Could this be due to my chronic sinusitis? I have had only minor symptoms of sinusitis, sometimes pain in the left temporal area or cheek. I have sticky postnasal drip when lying in bed. Very rarely I can get a small ball of yellow mucus from my sinus. The mucous membranes of the left sinus have been swollen for many years. I was waiting for a FESS oparation, byt the doctor decided not to do it because my symptoms are so minor. I have some immune deficiency and other diseases.
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Symptoms too minor?  Bacteria grows, so it may eventually become major.

The Sinus Flush is more effective than FESS operations, because it flushes out the infected mucus from your upper sinuses, which is the cause of sinusitis


The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush is mildly risky, because you have to bend over to do it, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside on soft ground, or you can kneel down and lean over a bathtub with the shower running.

The passageways to your upper sinuses are probably swollen shut, so it may take a few days for the saline to shrink the membranes and open the passages up, then you will see yellow mucus come flowing out.

Good luck
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Thank you for your post. I have sometimes rinsed my nose with saline water using a beaked pot (made for this purpose). I have bent only my head slightly down. Then, after flushing I have bent my upper body down and shaken my head. I think that the mucus in my sinus is very dry, because I have Sjoegren's syndrome. Or, is there no mucus at all? Because the mucous membrane in the sinus is swollen, it may hide bacteria in its grooves.

The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush which I got to know recently seems somewhat risky. I fear that the water might go to sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses and could cause meningitis. I am wondering why my latest ENT Doctor advised me to flush with hypotonic saline. I tried it some time and felt it worse.

Today I read about optic nerve inflammation. My eye symptoms suggest this condition. I was ashtonished why my Immunology Doctor said a couple of months ago that it is OK to have chronic sinus symptoms. I should not worry, but I still worry slightly. I  fear possible autoimmune diseased in the future. And I already may have reactive arthritis ( I am HLA-B27 positive).

It may be the truth that there is no remedy for chronic sinusitis. Many people suffer from it in spite of FESS operation and other cures. I have asked my eye specialist to call me next friday. Lets wait for his answer to my eye problem.
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I discussed with an eye specialist. He said that my eye symptom may result from my sinus infection. The optic nerve may not be infected. I should again go to an ENT doctor. I have seen ENT doctors many times within three years. The situation has not proceeded at all.

Next time I'll ask to have an MRI, to see whether the mucous membrane swelling has reached my sphenoid sinuses. As early as September I asked MRI, but did not get it. In October my Ethmoids were full of mucus judged by an ENT Dr from my symptoms. No remedy, only rinses.

Although I haven't now typical sinus symptoms, I got a little mucous discharge from sinuses today. I had the possibility to put it under a microscope. It consisted almost entirely of  leukocytes, most of which were full of small granules. There were also tiny needles or filamentous organisms. Because the discharge is full of leukocytes, it is very dehydrated and cannot usually run out from the sinuses.

Doctors have not taken any cytological samples from my sinuses during the three years when I have suffered from chronic sinusitis. I really do have asked. It may be difficult to get any samples, because mucus comes out from my sinuses very rarely. One doctor proposed a puncture, but at that time I had atrial fibrillation and coumarin, and I cannot tolerate adrenaline or ephedrine in the local anaesthetic.

After Christmas I shall go to an ENT Doctor.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas.
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