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eustachian tube dysfunction? tinnitus? acid reflux?

Hi. . I am new to this. I live in Canada. June 2014, a year ago, when my ear started popping out of the blue. It was my left ear only. I saw my GP who suggested allergy medication and nasal spray. I tried both and it did not work. I had 2 more nasal sprays and again, did not work. I went back to my GP and referred me to an ENT. I had to wait 5 months ... Month 5, I was still suffering from ear popping and my hearing started to seem muffled and lots of ear pressure and fullness in both ears. I saw an ENT who had nothing to say or helped at all. He said I have ETD and good luck. Only suggested an ear popper device. I bought an ear popper which costed me almost $200. It works ... but only for a few minutes because my ears will feel pressure and full again. It is like I have to use this device 24/7. Month 12, It is now June 2015 .. I am still suffering. I had a hearing test done 4 months ago and found out that I lost 10d in my left ear. I wanted to cry. Why? Because I am already hearing impaired. I wear hearing aids in both ears. I now have anxiety and will probably have a breakdown soon because no one will help me. Two weeks ago, I am hearing humming in my right ear. It is very upsetting and annoying. It won't go away either. The popping in my left ear only happens when I am laying down, sleeping. It goes away when I get up. All day, everyday, I have fullness, pressure in both ears and now I have a humming nose in my right ear. I went back to my GP who referred me to a second ENT. I have no idea how long I will be waiting .... I am only 24 years old, female. I have no idea what to do anymore. I also have acid reflux my whole life. I don't know what is going on.
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Update: I have my second referral to a ent and I have to wait 7 weeks. Right now, I am on cotristeriod spray (budesonide mixed with otri) twice a day for two weeks. It seems to help pop my left ear since I never could before .. but all my symptoms are still here. This is my 3rd spray in the last year by the way. I cannot have a bath or shower anymore without wearing plugs. Water seems to get trapped inside. I still have anxiety problems but trying to stay positive. The humming sound in my right ear has never gone away. This started last month. I will have to talk to my doctor about acid reflux and other things but I won't see her until August. I already had acid reflux problems my whole life .. I am taking 60mg of prevacid twice a day. Reminder: I have fullness, pressure in both ears. Popping sound in left ear when I am sleeping and humming sound in right ear non stop. This started last June. Thanks everyone ... Stay positive

PS: I am wondering if this is TMJ related .. The way I pop my ears is by opening my mouth and making a sound. It pops everytime. I was also told last year that I grind my teeth at night. I know this may mean nothing ... But I hope I recover soon. Trying to find answers ... Thank you again
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Look up Menniere's Disease.
I suffered for a very long time before being diagnosed.
They told me it was anything from allergies to MS!!!
I was terrified!!
I had been to an ENT who shoved stuff up my nose and sent me home...he said nothing about the vertigo and such.
I finally walked into a doctor's office one day ( crying ) and told her that I was going home to do the "unthinkable" unless she was able to help me that day.
She asked me about ALL of my symptoms. Told me to list things that I might think weren't even important. I thought she was going to tell me the same thing that the last 10 doctors had said...anxiety!
She read over my list, and then asked me what tests had been done.
I told her that not much had been done...and then she asked " Has anyone looked in your ears?"
I thought " what the heck?" but said "no".
She looked in my ears and gave me a prescription for Serc.
She told me to go home and take them.
By this time I had been on so many pills for anxiety ( that were making me worse ) that I was terrified!
She went to the hospital with me and said that she would stay with my until I took them. WOW!!
So I took them...and...I started to feel...BETTER!
I felt better than I had in YEARS!
I thank God for this woman all the time! I can't believe that no other doctor, especially an ENT had overlooked my ears!

I'm not saying that this is what you have, but you could mention it to your doctor and see what he says.

Good luck!
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Hi. I have looked that up and I am not sure if that is the case. It seems hard to diagnose. I barely have vertigo even though I did have them before. Doctors have looked in my ears and always say they look fine, I see nothing. Must be your inner ear. I will see an ENT next month but until then, I'll be waiting and suffering. Last month, all of the sudden, a humming sound from my right ear started. Hasn't gone away since. I am very upset. I am going to try and see my family doctor next week but I don't know what to say anymore because they look at me and say nothing. I stopped using the ear popper because I felt like that was making things worse. More pressure in my ears and all. My symptoms right now are popping sound in left ear when sleeping, humming sound in right ear 24/7, some pressure and fullness in both ears. I cannot bathe or shower anymore unless I wear plugs, some hearing loss ... Just remember I already wear hearing aids my whole life ... I was just prescribed with my 3rd nasal cortisteriod spray and that barely works. I wish someone would take this seriously. I hope to recover soon. Thanks and keep me updated!
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I just saw my family doctor today. I have been referred to 3 specialists. I hope I recover soon .... She prescribed me another nasal spray which is avamys. Once a day with 5 refills. I still have to wait another month to see an ent. She looked inside my ears and said right eardrum is pushed out a little bit. My left ear looks okay. Not sure what this means ..... She thinks tubes is the only solution but I don't like this idea. I already have hearing loss and I will not risk anymore. I also have acid reflux and she thinks it might be the problem for my ears. I will see a gastro and urologist for this. I am not sure what else to do. A month ago, the humming/squealing noise started in my right ear and hasn't stopped since which is upsetting. Anything else I should do? Anything advice? Any opinions? Thanks. Keep us updated and hopefully we all recover soon. I just want to feel normal again!!!
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Has anyone tried chinese acupuncture for tinnitus? or any kind of ear problems. Any opinions, experience and advice would be great. Thanks!
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