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Canker sore leading to skin peeling - Is this normal? Should I be worried?

I have two canker sores inside my mouth. One inside my cheek which looks and feels more like how you would expect a scrapped knee to look/feel but with slightly raised edges. Big yet shallow. Very sensitive. The slightest scrape or rub (eating or brushing teeth) causes it to bleed. Now a chunk of the raised skin surrounding his has peeled off and is bleeding. No recent oral trauma.
The second sore is inside my top lip above my two front teeth and looks like a traditional canker sore. It started closer to my gums and has been slowly working its way toward my lip and is now halfway onto my lip and halfway still inside my mouth causing my lips to stick together when it gets dry. It now is more raised than before. Very sensitive and painful.
After all of this started, I got a sore throat and drainage which I suspected was just a sinus infection. Not sure if its related or not. I have had both of these sores for almost two weeks now.
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it may be a fungal sinus infection.  doctors will not acknowledge it, mostly, so look into Valley Fever, if you want answers
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