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Double Vision ,right side foredeadache

Hi ;
My dad 65y old have Diabetes under control. Suddenly from yesterday Double vision when both eyes are open  sometimes, with one side fore headache above the eye. When either of eye closed good clear vision .Could you please tell me why is that happening.

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There are many causes, some very serious such as small stroke, aneurysm, brain tumor. He needs to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist  as soon as possible and if shows signs of stroke or other concerning changes needs to go to emergency room or call ambulance.   Sudden double vision is a very serious symptom.
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ADDENDUM: I did not notice the headache complaint. I would go immediately to emergency room or minimum call his diabetic doctor urgently. Sudden double vision WITH headache is A TRUE EMERGENCY.
Ok. Got scared now .  It is not full headache .It is a little forehead ache above right eye. Double vision occurs  sometimes not always.  Now   we show to Ophthalmologist first .
Try and get in quickly asking to be treated as emergency.
Ophthalmologist examined and suggested some injections ,Multivitamin tablets  painkillers and Eyedrops. The reason is that one left eye there is a change in movement , less movement  .And both eyes not able to focus . So the double images are
That explanation does not allow any comments as far to general and not specific enough. Injections of what? Which eye muscles (there are 12 that move eye) are not working? Why not working?
Sir , Initially renerve injection one dose for 5 days along with Multivitamin tab was given . And Doc told slowly this problem go and it requires time.  After that we done MRI says optic nerve normal  ,  and there after omnacortil 10mg  and Ecosprin 75mg  for 10 days was given and then told to reduce the dose of Omnacortil ,Multivitamin was suggested  . There are improvements, only turning on right side double vision occurs .  If i could have image option i could have sent MRI report .
Those are steroids and anti-inflammatory medications. The important thing is the exam and MRI to exclude stroke, tumor, aneurysm, etc. If no cause is found the most common cause would be a diabetic neuropathy.   Just let me know what the Impression on the MRI, we are not allowed to read MRI, X rays, OCTS, etc.
Sir ,  These are impressions: LACUNAR INFARTS - corona radiata ,centrum semiovale and frontal   Lobe white matter regions on both side
Cerebral atrophy with Periventricular ischemic changes ...

May I know What these steroids and anti-inflamatory  do. Do they help in healing  and how long this healing will take .
Your father has had multiple strokes, the word is 'infarcts'  that means death of tissue from not enough blood. The steroids and anti-inflammatories will not help that.  The double vision is likely due to these multiple strokes.  If your father has not seen a neurologist, he needs to see one. Question is why is he having them. Some common causes of this are heart/valve/carotid problems with multiple small blood clots (emboli) going to the brain, or widespread hardening of the arteries of the brain due to age, diabetes and possibly other things like hypertension, high cholesterol or smoking.
Sir : Ok Doctor we shall a neurologist . He was given  Ecosprin hope its a blood thinner. He does not Smoke ,also he is not overweight  he has normal weight also not fat , He walks daily morning , Some two years ago some fatty liver issue was observed  for that medications was taken .  Now after a month he says  there is improvement and double vision occurs only if turn right side .Earlier initially even looking straight was giving double vision .  What diet he should plan ,kindly suggest  . Is this problem heal in time by itself or any medications required .
The most important thing is why is he having these stroke(s) plural.  People with these findings have much higher than normal incidence of sudden cardiovascular death or more/larger ischemic strokes.
..We shall see Neurologist and check for causes .        Kindly tell me whether the brain cells heal in time . Thank you Doctor.
Brain cells do not heal well at all. But other areas of the brain, uninjured can sometimes take over the function of the dead cells.  Surely you know someone that had a stroke.  When they had a stroke they could not speak or move arms or legs. Over a long time year or more some of the function returned. Usually not to the pre-stroke level.  So complete recovery not likely, some improvement especially with double vision is possible.
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