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Pity Party

This is going to sound real immature and b*itchy but this is how I am feeling right now. I don't know if you ladies remember but I posted about 1 1/2 months ago about losing a friend because she was ttc and I told her that we were too. She was mad that I was ttc, I guess because we were pregnant together last time and she thought I would steal her thunder or something. When I found out that she was mad (through a post) I confronted her that I was hurt and we haven't talked since. Well, I just read a post that she made, she got pregnant last month too. My pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and now she is having twins. I feel bad but that just p's me off, it seems so unfair. I was excited for her when I found out she was ttc and she was selfishly mad when she found out about me, she is having twins and I lost mine, how fair is that???? Sometimes life just stinks.
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Oh I am sorry. You are not bitchy. I know what you feel right now. You can still be mad at her. But the pregnancy is not to blame. My biz partner is due in 2 weeks. We were both due in the same week, and I MCd but still had a baby shower for her last week. She is not as mean as your friend, but sometimes she says silly things like "you are lucky because you do not want to have this big belly, sore boobs, heartburn, etc." And I would give ANYTHING to have it. I am not LUCKY. I still do not know how I will handle when she has the baby, since I will be seeing it every day. But in the end I hope my good nature wins out. And so will yours. But you do not have to forgive her because she is preg. Dislike and jealousy are 2 diff things.
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No one said life is fair, and I, for one, and sick and tired of it.  I would be happy to attend your "Friday Night Pity Party"

I have an ex friend who keeps getting pregnant by accident and then having it terminated.  I recently ran into the girl's mom at Costco and the mom was all excited announcing that her daughter is due this month!  Knowing this girl, it was another "accident" but this time the dad decided to stick around instead of leaving town when he found out!  I SO had to bite my tongue to stop myself from asking this woman why her daughter didnt decide to abort this one too!  Why is it fair to keep getting pregnant by accident, and we cant get pregnant on purpose!!!  Worse yet, was that the girls mom was going on and on in front of my own about how excited she was to be a gramma, etc etc.  My own mom has been dying to be a gramma for years now, and we just cant produce that darn grandchild! (which is extra crappy because my moms hubby died in the spring and she SO needs something to look forward to)

I have another friend who is due at the beginning of January.  We went out for dinner the other day and she told me that I better hurry up and get pregnant because our plan of going on Maternity leave together is about to fall apart.  How nice is that?!  I know she was only joking but it stung.

On the bright side, i am almost starting to become numb to all of this.  Things sure dont bug me as much as they used to.

One day it will happen for us all.  Hopefully soon.  

Thanks for listening ladies!

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Oh yes - Stillwaiting - your post does not sound immature or biachy - your reaction is totally normal.  Your ex-friend sounds like the immature one - imagine being peeved at someone because they are ttc at the same time as you.  Makes no sense!
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I love a good pity party!! Count me in! :) You read my post earlier - I am so mad I could slap someone. I just feel that this is so unfair, all of it. I do not thinking you are immature. We are just so upset when we see other childrens lives being ruined all because they are being born by people who probably should ahve been eaten at birth :) (Social Darwinism at its finest!!!) Cont me in to your party. But we will not be down long...we WILL get our BFP and they WILL stick and we WILL be pregnant!! I can't wait!! :)
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