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Anybody know what is happening here?


I will list my current/past symptoms. I would say this issue has been occuring for approx. 2 weeks now. Any information or shed light would be greatly appreciated.

-Pins and needles/burning sensation in arms/legs/back/chest MOSTLY when lying down making it VERY difficult to sleep
-Sensation of difficulty swallowing and gullet feels tight too
-Stomach constantly making churning noises
-Occasional loose stools
-Some food seems to be undigested in stool
-White tongue
-Feeling as if there is a golfball in throat, and sometimes chest area.
-Sometimes burp up liquid after consuming (but no traditional heartburn sensation)
-Felt very bloated 1 week ago, but now bloating not as severe
-Previously felt very nauseous but the nausea felt like it was coming from the throat area rather than the stomach. This has mostly subsided now also.
-When all of these symptoms first started, I felt fatigued and my back muscles felt particularly tired and it was extremely uncomfortable to even sit down. This has also subsided.

I have had an endoscopy which showed nothing of significance other than a slightly narrow gullet. I am also waiting for biopsy results. I've been prescribed 40mg of Omeparazole and have been taking it for 1.5 weeks, I can't really tell if its helping because I have so many symptoms.

If anybody has any thoughts/suggestions on what is going on, I would really appreciate your help.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum,

Have you modified your diet and lifestyle as well as start the meds?
Yes I have
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hello, i have seen your problem regarding GERD. I have been suffering almost the same problem as yours 3 yrs. ago. My doctors finding it was stress related that I am suffering this disease and also from my diet. I had been given prescription drugs for 3 months but it did not help though. Until one of my friends introduced me a juice that had a mix of 8 veggies. At first i was hesitant to try it but, due to the disease I was experiencing and i am avoiding synthetic drugs as much as possible i tried it. Sometimes I can tell it was a miracle since even my heartburn problem had ceased. Since I also tried to research on the net that one of my remedy in my problem is operation, and im afraid to undergo with it. Right now I can say that I had my life back. Especially that I can sleep fully now. Unlike before that I can only sleep for only about 4 hours.      
Hi, thanks for commenting. What juice if I may ask? I regularly make fruit and vegetable smoothies (even prior to to having GERD/LPR) but they haven't helped. I
its actually called primera juice it is only distributed in the phiippines way back 2011..they call it the power of 8..its ingredients are moringa, pepper plant(capsicum fructescens), jute leaves(corchorus capsularis), sweet potato leaves(ipomoea batatas), carrots, barley, spirulina, and chlorella growth factor. I kinda surprise by the effect of these 8 veggies since even my   recurring tonsilits was cured.  
what is very convenient with this  juice is that it is mix in a sachet. You can carry it anytime. It undergo the cold process technology according to what they introduced to me, which means that every sachet you drink once you consume it, its just  like a you consume a fresh vegetable without the guilt of its after taste. So everytime you open the sachet and mix it with water you must drink it within two hours or else it will spoil. that's how it works.
regarding your concern on your mix of veggies. Its only what i can say, not all veggies when combine can give you a healing effect especially on your GERD problem. Although this primera juice is not actually brought to the market to cure the disease that you and I have, but it has the right combination to, if i cannot say heal but manage our GERD problem.  It's main purpose is to  supplement the vegetables intake of children/adult that is needed on a daily basis. Heres my facebook account if you want to talk more with me on the details about the product John Paul Zeus Castillon.
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