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GERD, Hiatal Hernia, possible Barrett's.

Hi guys. I have battled with nausea and acid reflux for a very long time. I am currently 23. When I was 17, I had an endoscopy done due to nausea and pain. Before this, I had dealt with daily nausea, sometimes to the point of not being able to move due to gagging. I have gotten used to the gagging, nausea, and heartburn to where I don't really react to it, and even now I almost have to "allow" myself to vomit at all.. willpower and adapting for the win!
The endoscopy showed that I DO have a hiatal hernia, my stomach was full of acid. I also had trouble releasing the air during the endoscopy.. I had to concentrate to let it out. I have tears either side of my stomach sphincter. I didn't realize it at the time, nor was it brought up to me, that I had a dark pink esophagus. I didn't think much of it until I saw pictures of Barret's with the dark pink lining. I had NO light pink coloration, thus no splotchiness to make me think anything was weird or wrong. I got to see a bit of my esophagus before I had to close my eyes and concentrate on the air, and I had also sneezed while eating a pretzel a couple weeks before and cut my throat on a sharp piece of pretzel with the swallow reaction I had after. It didn't hurt, but I did taste blood, and thought I was imagining it. The doctor doing the endoscopy took a picture of it, so it was verifiably dark, and even the scratch didn't show any other coloration but the dark coloring.

Nothing but tums or baking soda works for me - I have been on multiple medications for this, and the only thing that worked was omeprazole & baking soda.. which I did not realize was omeprazole, because it didn't work AT ALL In any other form - thus.. I was paying 50 bucks a month to be dosed with baking soda. Why would I expect a doctor to again prescribe me a different version of omeprazole when the over the counter stuff and the purple pill didn't work at all? I didn't, and thus didn't think to check what it really was. *shakes head* I had to quit using it due to nausea to the point I didn't want to eat anything at all. I have other medical issues so that was not good for me. Now, I'm not so sure if it actually was the medication or just a fluctuation of something else. As is, I know omeprazole doesn't work, so if it did, it was the baking soda.

My questions are, though, guys.. do you have any research articles I should be looking at? Anything on the diagnosis of barrett's (I did try a google search but couldn't find anything all that informative) or anything else it could be? Do any of you know of anything where my acid reflux could be caused by allergic reactions to food? I have days where I can't handle anything oily - which, to me, really means anything with oil in it. Days where I can't eat "heavy" food, etc etc. I am unable to keep a strict diet due to this - it's either eat something and be nauseated to a very un-fun level, or eat what I can, when I can. I have chosen #2, as I have not had any doctor help since age 17. Basically, I just need help on what to read, where to go, what to look for. Thank you for any help you can give!
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  Hi...I am so sorry u r suffering with this for so long and doing so alone....I would encourage u to find a diff Dr that is willing and able to help u....just bcuz u had one that did not , does not mean u will not find one that can and will.

U deff need to be seen...and just from ur descriptions we can not rule things out or jump to conclusions....Find a Dr  and let us know how things work out for u....I had to seek out many Drs for many yrs to get a dx and finally treatment and like u I stopped seeing Drs inbtwn....but, I did find the right Dr when I set myself to doing so....

In the meantime, it is important what ur diet consists of as it can cause u more discomfort...so do avoid foods that will trigger more acid production, greasy food,acidic foods, alcohols, carbonated bevs,etc....we r all diff and may have diff triggers....and lifestyle changes can also help...like no smoking, and do not lay down for 3 to 4 hrs after eating....elevate the head of ur bed....for more tips see the Health Pages. http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=236
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Hii! Thank you for your response. I really appreciate the support.. I do plan on seeing a gastroenterologist eventually, but in the mean time, I have (sadly) more important stuff to deal with. That is the one good thing about that doctor, if I want to run tests, he will run them. if I want a referral, he will refer me.  It's hard enough to find a doctor in my area that will do that. I would LIKE to be able to deal with minor issues like taking some iron via my regular doctor instead of having to go to specialists, but, hey, I'm doing what I can. I didn't complain for so long about ALL of my issues, and didn't even realize some things were even symptoms, that I screwed myself getting this dealt with when I was a teenager.

Most of the tips I'm going to read I have figured out myself. It has been so long I can kind of "put the variables" together and figure out what is edible for me and what is not that day, as it changes. The elevation, etc, I did but not in a bed way.. I end up having a crapload of pillows. I WILL read through the links in case of anything new, though. Oh, and, yeah.. on the greasy food. Yeah.. I can't eat anything truly greasy. Oily to me is sautéing chicken in a little bit of olive oil. Can't even handle that. I am starting to believe it might be reactions to food as well as too much stomach acid, as I have found the very few times I have eaten anything without nausea it was either a. 100% organic without gmos, or b. gluten free. Can't say I can afford that at all.

If you or anyone else knows of any links or research that might be pertinent, that would be highly beneficial. In the mean time I have lymphnodes, thyroid, iron, vitamin d to deal with. Haha. I do not know what truly is a separate disease/illness/what have you, symptom, or secondary symptom, so I have to deal with the more important things first. So I have a couple months to do research, to know what's going on, what's possibly going on, things that are similar, etc. I am mostly concerned about research on food sensitivities and the dark pink lining - it's not actually barrett's esophagus, because I believe that is where the sphincter is "blown", so to speak? My sphincter was fine, just torn, but I have the dark lining that is common with barrett's. It's definitely calmed down since then, I'm not really sure why, but it's still pretty much 24/7 nausea.
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OH! I forgot to say, I DO have an appointment for an ENT on the 29th of this month. It was originally for a goiter that I have had for a very long time, but then I realized maybe I should have these swollen lymphnodes checked out, ya think? Whole part of the "just keep truckin'" adapting thing. A-durr.
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  A goiter....then u have a auto immune thyroid condition...that could be the reason for ur vitamin levels.....that and taking meds for GERD can make us  unable to absorb them naturally or from supplements....I also have Hashimoto's an autoimmune thyroid issue along with many other issues , so I know the need to deal with the more important issues first as well.I also found that with taking the GERD meds I needed to take  magnesium in order to be able to take or absorb the D.....

I also found Probiotics r helping as I also have IBS issues....

I can also tell b4 I eat, what I should avoid that day as I have been dealing with this all so long.....no fun....but we can have an affect on how we feel by watching our diets and this will help our health too.,

The elevating of the bed works better then pillows bcuz with the pillows u can slide off them in ur sleep....with the bed up so r u and u will see more benefits.

So u graduated in the 70's...lol....same here and I was a speaker for my graduation class and used the' keep on truckin' line in my speech.....

  Good luck at the ENT...keep us posted : )
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Goiters can be caused by other things.. and it turns out adolescents sometimes develop them.. it's called an adolescent goiter. They don't usually do much to figure out WHY the goiter exists at that age. That is what happened with me as I was 11 or 12 when they did the x ray and told me I was hypo on the same day. It's highly rare to be non-cancerous with having nodules at that age, but thankfully I was not. I do have a sister that has Grave's, so it's possible. So far, I have been low or undetectable in the levels of hashimoto's antibodies, but I don't hold much value in it since obviously my immune system has other issues at the moment.

I have 2/3 sisters, and 3 nephews that are anemic.. it runs in the family. One or two of my sisters have also had vitamin d issues, along with b-12 (I was normal low.). After the ENT I will be taking a full vitamin and mineral panel, because by golly, I need to know what I need to take, and sometimes some multivitamins make me nauseated. I am on vitamin d at the moment, as I was 4 (LOL), but have not taken magnesium or zinc because I haven't done the blood work yet. I will be starting on them, but I don't want anything to interfere just yet.

Which probiotics do you take? I have tried that "regularis" probiotic thing and I can't handle that at all. I've tried it in activia and in a little shot probiotic liquid thing. Total no-go there.

Nah, actually, I find I can't sleep without being high enough on my pillows anyway.

Lol. I pick up phrases.. I keep them. When I was 8 I kept telling people I was joshing with them instead of joking with them. Haha.

Will do, Sema! Thank you!
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  Wow that young...but still hypo...so it makes me wonder too....hmmmm

well, neway u r on the right track and looking to all the right things......

BTW- I always got nauseated form vitamins as well,....I spoke to the pharmacist and asked which ones might be better to try....he was good at pointing out which ones  and I have been able to take them....

I was on Phillips Colon Health, but the pharmacist said that the CVS brand is comparable and cheaper so I have that now...I buy most CVS brands after talking with them to see if there is a diff..only a few items were...so they r pretty up front with what u can switch out and what u can't.

Oh ok...so u just heard the keep on truckin and u r not dating urself...lol...but I dated myself....haha on me....no worries : )

I say ur Joshing as well , my SIL is named Josh so it is used as a joke too....
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You are entitled to the procedure report from your Endoscopy.  There are people who read these posts that are able to interpret what is written.  I'd suggest you ask for the report and post it here.

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Not hypo at the moment.. my thyroid swelling has gone down, I've had three thyroid tests done since april, and they have been higher each time. The only thing I can conclude is that whatever is causing the inflammation is not working right now, and due to being negative in antibodies, but previously I did have some, that's probably what it is.
I'm not used to asking pharmacists about stuff but it seems I need to start doing that.. I thought it was becoming overdosed on a vitamin or mineral that I didn't need, but it's possible I just need to switch around. Thank you for letting me know! Thank you for your support and your help, I appreciate it immensely.

I didn't realize this. Thank you for letting me know. I will work on getting the report, but cannot say when it will be. I apologize for that. This is also hindsight, as I didn't realize I even needed (hello, brain, why do you think you need everything else but this very important piece of paper?!) it.

Thanks to you both!!
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