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what is the best treatment for GERD.
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Hi, know the root cause of the GERD...find out if it is a hiatal hernia or stress causing it.Look at family history...diet and exercise can help...so eat right...avoid the foods that trigger a flare up....we do have a list of tips here in the Health Pages -http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=236

Do see a GI dr for proper care and guidance.

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If it shows up as bile reflux - you'll know it if it's bile reflux ... gawdz it's horrilbe ... I eat 1 to 2 cups of ice cream and bile reflux is gone in 20 minutes.

I just had a bile reflux attack this morning - an hour ago I ate ice cream and I'm having my coffee now.

Any flavour - frozen yoghurt doesn't work.

Hope that's a help because I've never found anything that gives relief at a doc's office, the emergency ward or on the 'net.

Good luck if it's bile reflux - good medicine will give relief from acid reflux.
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GERD occurs in people with severe acidity , when the acid in the stomach rises up the food pipe or esophagus . there are many medicines for acidity that doctors prescribe for GERD also like zinetac , omez. mucaine ,ranatidine . but all these medicines make you dependent on them and you if you stop taking them the problem of acidity intensifies . there is a product available in the market Pepflux which not only prevents heartburn and acidity but also acid reflux (caused due to GERD).this medicine has a long lasting effect and therefore reduces the dependency on it . this it is safe to use and has no side effects.
also prescription medicines have off late been related to oesteoporosis on prolong use .
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I never heard of Pepflux.  Anyway, amongst the well known causes for GERD, there are also food sensitivities.  I know, because food sensitivities are part of my issues.  Avoiding problem foods has helped me just avoid the prescription GERD medications.  This is definitely a good idea, because as the previous posts indicated, Osteoporosis is just one of the many concerns for long term usage.  Short term usage is definitely better, but being able to avoid the stomach medications for GERD in the first place is certainly the best alternative.

I have discovered that with a bit of forethought and planning that I can have some of my favorite foods, if I make them myself, because then I know whats in the foods I make.  This reduces the chances of having a bad reaction.  Its definitely worth the extra planning ahead for meal times.  Crock pots are definitely a wonderful tool for this.
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the last statement was dead on the target. Alot of people overlook the true cause of Gerd. Food, spice or perservative intolorence. google thyramine intolorence also a type of food sensitivity. Although stress and meds can be a culprit, intolorence is probably 80% of the problem in most people and doctors wont lead you in that direction because they make a profit from the medications.
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