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To Remove or Not To Remove

RUQ pain and bouts of severe nausea and reflux.  The pain isn't that bad.  The nausea and reflux are issues.  Prilosec helps this.  Abdominal ultrasound is clear with everything listed as "unremarkable".  HIDA scan showed EF of 20%.  CCK infusion was over 30 minutes and didn't really increase my symptoms.  I had minor pain the same as I'd had for weeks all during the test.  Radiology report says consistent with biliary dyskinesia. PCP said remove gall bladder.  I asked about changing diet to low fat/sugar , no processed foods to see if that would help.  That eliminated pain and associated nausea/reflux after a couple of weeks and lasted for 2 months.  I've slowly reintroduced some foods and seemed to have found my limit this past weekend with potato salad and a couple of iced sugar cookies.  Pain and nausea/reflux have returned.  I'm back on Prilosec for a few days and the foods I know I can eat.  Here's the crux of this thing.  Do I continue on as I am and not remove gall bladder, or do I take a chance with surgery and the diarrhea that can be a problem afterwards?  My PCP flat out told me that removing my gall bladder will likely reduce my symptoms but I may still have some since I don't have gall stones.  She also said most people have diarrhea after eating when they've had their gall bladder taken out.  This would be a major problem for me since I am often a public speaker at luncheons and dinners. The current nausea/reflux is also an issue in the same situation. I've talked to several people and read so many different things.  Most people I talk to don't have any major issues after having their gall bladder removed.  This includes both people with and without stones.  Conversely, it seems everything I read online is written by people having some pretty significant issues post operatively.  I supposed message boards are adverse selection for people with problems.  Any advice from someone with statistical knowledge of outcomes in my situation?  
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