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Why am I still having ongoing upper right stomach pain.

I have a long story.

August of 2016 I had my first gallbladder attack, 2 months after having my 2nd baby.

November 2016 I had my gallbladder removed and seen there was dozens of stones.

Immediately after surgery I had continuous "gall bladder attacks" for 2 weeks with liver enzymes way off the charts, but then it stopped.

Everything was significantly better for almost 2 years

Then October 2018 the same pain returned. I had high liver enzymes again. They gave me an ultrasound, ct scan, and MRI

January 2019 I went for a scope to check for stones and they cut my sphincter of oddi.

The next day had the worst "gall bladder attack" I have ever had in my life.. caused me to black out on the way to the hospital.

Well yesterday (may 2019) it happened again. Passed out in my entry way trying to get shoes on to get to the hospital. EXTREME pain... worst pain in my life. And it keeps creeping up and going back down today.

All I have continuously heard is "I dont know" and I'm getting rather desperate.

I am 31 years old, mom of 2 girls via emergency c sections. 5' 2" 120lbs. I have very minor asthma and I take synthroid

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Please try taking magnesium every day, I used to have terrible pain like this but after taking mag it has eased considerably, sometimes fatty food will make it worse, some people find relief by taking a digestive enzyme before eating
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After reading the other posts regarding sphincter of oddi dysfunction after gallbladder removal and suffering from the same severe attacks that you and others have described ( I thought I was having a heart attack the first time!), I am convinced that we need more doctors to look into this problem! I can barely eat anymore,  and since having my gallbladder removed 10 years ago, I have continued losing weight and am suffering from malnutrition, besides the horrible attacks that leave me helpless all day - and with 3 children to care for. I regret having my gallbladder out, even if it was non-functioning!!
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