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Dark stool, dizziness, cramps - tests all negative

42 year old slim male in good health with no issues. Had last check up by doctor, which included bloods a month ago which were fine.

Last Saturday I felt very tired and Sunday morning I passed two stools of dark almost black colour. Not tarry or offensive smell. Normal appearance besides the colour. I did not eat the typical foods/medications that would cause the colour.

By Monday afternoon and two more stools later, my stools slowly returned to normal colour. I had samples of these last two stools FOB (occult blood) tested and one more Tuesday which was all negative. Full blood test was also made Monday such was also fine.

The only symptoms that persist now, and since Sunday, are unusual abdominal dull aches not specific to any area, feeling of dizziness mainly in the mornings till just after lunch, and tiredness.

No headaches, nausea, diarrhea (not even loose) or vomiting at all.

It feels like a case of stomach flu. Although the dark stool initially was puzzling.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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Hi there.  It sounds like you are beginning to feel better?  Hope so!  You describe just dark brown stools?  Not bloody or tarry?  That's good.  Your stool may have been darker than usual but still within normal.  Sounds like this is what the test indicated.  I try to think about what I might have eaten that could result in issues.  Something perhaps didn't agree with you?  Not so much food poisoning but just didn't agree?  Here is a little color of your stool chart.  https://www.medicinenet.com/stool_color_changes/article.htm  It helps to know what is and isn't normal.  But you sound within normal.  Are you feeling better now?
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Thanks for the reply. I'm fully recovered now. It went away within a week.

Yes that stool chart and all of them seem to indicate iron. But I didn't have any. Maybe my partner slipped one in my food ;-)

Well I guess to anyone worried about dark stools like mine with no explanation, of course get checked out but don't think it can be only blood or iron. It could be just from an tummy bug like mine.

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