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Stool/ gas/ gerd symptoms abdominal pain

So here's my story . Back in October I went to the doctor with urinary issues . Had the feeling like I always had to go , had back pain etc. Urine test shows trace blood . So they did a CT scan . Looked at my pancreas, kidneys , give tract etc. Nothing stood out . Did a scope and ultrasound of my bladder. Nothing really found ,just minor irritation. After a couple months it went away on its own .during this time I experienced change in bowel habits .constipation ,diareah etc. Stool shape was often small flat pieces , or loose high volume stools . Went to see GI doctor .they did a colonoscopy and biopsies for Crohn's etc. Everything came back normal . During this time I was also experiencing excessive burping , excess saliva , and acid reflux type symptoms . Gi said it was mostly GERD. Celiac test was negative , hpylori test was negative .CBC was normal . I have not had an upper endoscopy .I feel like my stools are never anywhere normal , and off and on I have experienced pain near my left rib cage and stomach . I've been on nexium for the gerd as well just trying to manage it . Am I crazy ? Tests come back as normal but my anxiety is running rampant from all these issues and tests . I am only 31 . I'm not sure what else to do and feel like I haven't gotten any answers to my problems.
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